Road Conditions: Tsabong to Mabua

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    Default Road Conditions: Tsabong to Mabua

    We will be travelling from Tsabong to Mabua on 1 April. Can anyone update me on the current road conditions please?

    We will be towing trailers

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    Well this is like talking to myself.
    If no-one has travelled this road lately..... ARE WE OUT OF OUR MINDS?

    Don't think so, just part of another beautiful adventure

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    Carl at this time of year it should be fine - I don't think they've had heavy rains.
    The road is quite good gravel, the last 40 odd km being heavyish sand. Deflate to 1.4 and you'll be fine.
    I traveled this route in March last year.
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    Thanks JohnT. I read your trip report. Sounded amazing.

    We are going to be two families. Swambo, my two skollies(7&9) and I, and a friend, his wife and two daughters (3 & 9)

    We leave on Friday.

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