Introduce yourself
Riaan Crafford
Family details
7 month old baby girl
Vehicle details
1996 Colt Rodeo DC 3.0 V6
Vehicle Mods
Which tyres do you use/prefer?
Firestone ATX at the moment
Experience / Trips
None so far except for the times on the beach when it was still legal to do so. The odd sand track and a few times in the quarry
What do you wish to gain from the forum?
Never to old to learn. Makes for some interesting reading.Find some new and interesting camp sites. This form should actually be compulsory been a member a few months now but never get the time to complete it. there is to much articles to read. saw today that there is some real addiction here
What are your fields of expertise?
ND in Electrical Engineering. Currently co owner of WJ Cotter Elektries in Malmesbury.Specializing in packshed automation and cold room control and temperature monitoring.
Other Interests?
Anything that involves tools Woodworking
Previous 4x4's?
89 Isuzu KB 2300 LE SWB