Who owns White Toyota 2.71 DC with GP Reg KWZ ?

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    Default Who owns White Toyota 2.71 DC with GP Reg KWZ ?

    Who owns White Toyota 2.71 DC with GP Reg KWZ ?

    I saw this vehicle in Kensington (Jhb) this morning at 06:42. It sports a 4xforum sticker on the tailgate, so naturally I wanted to know who it was.

    I pulled up next to this vehicle at the next traffic light only to find that the windows were fairly darkly tinted and the two males inside looking very much like Africans.

    The robots changed and they fell behind in the traffic and then they went one way and I the other, so I could get not further info.

    Has anybody ‘lost’ or sold their white DC 2.7i Raider with a white fibre glass canopy lately?

    If it was sold, maybe this is the point where we can come to an agreement that we should remove forum stickers off our old vehicles when selling them. At least then if we see someone who is obviously not a forum member, driving such a vehicle, we would know that it is possibly stolen and can possibly raise the alarm immediately. What are your thoughts on this?


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    Default Re: Who owns White Toyota 2.71 DC with GP Reg KWZ ?

    I'm not sure I follow Malcolm... Are you implying that there are no black members on the 4xforum? I'd be curious to now how you would know this...

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