Hardbody roof console

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    Cool Hardbody roof console

    I have been looking for a roof console for my Hardbody for quite sometime now, but it would seem that in our country this is not a much sought after item. However in Australia they seem to be quite popular. Have a look at www.4wdinteriors.com

    Apparently Desert Cool cc (4x4 Megaworld) is the local distributors. So I went to my local branch and enquired. Yes they do stock consoles for other types of vehicles, but not for the D22. Now the crunch. Yes, they can order. Please pay 50% deposit and delivery should be in 6 to 9 months.

    So I contacted Outback directly and it would seem that they are willing to do business directly.

    If there is anyone that is interested in purchasing a console please pm me so that I can try and negotiate a better deal. Currently the pricing is as follows:

    Export price for console to suit D22 AUD$336.00
    Freight Door to Door AUD$172.00

    Approximate ZAR when posting this: R3431-00

    Import/custom duties still to be added.
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    Having been a car audio junkie for many years I have seen what can be made and molded by the right people.

    Why not approach some car sound specialist, they will make you a glass fiber consol and cover it and mount it at, well I hate to say it but a fraction of that price.

    Also you can design it as you want.

    Hell, I just gave myself an idea.
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