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    Beware these fitment centres. Most of the so called "fitters" have been shaken out of a tree and given the task of fitting parts that can be potentially lethal.

    I have see "bull bars, nudge bars, tow bars and so called recovery point attachements" fitted incorrectly. One of the favorites is fitting undersized bolts ie 10mm instead of 12mm or 16mm bolts. The holes do not line up so put a smaller bolt, not realising the consequences of what they are doing.

    Another bad one is sub-standard bolts. Full threaded bolt used instead one of the correct amount of thread. Ordinary poor quality (cheaper) mild steel bolts which have a lower shear strength. We have also encountered where bolts are just long enough and you do not even get a full nut on.

    Another one is the use of a cutting torch to make a hole bigger, especially on the part being fitted, instead of a drill. They invariably end up with a ragged hole that is to big and the head of the bolt is very likely to pull through because they will not bother to fit a decent washer of the correct dimensions or thickness. Nylock or lock washers not used as these all cost extra money, even though you pay for the best qaulity fitment.

    I saw a policemans lower leg shatterd by one of these large recovery hooks "bolted" to the chassis. The make of the vehicle does not matter but what happened was that the recovery hook was "bolted" to the chassis with some 10mm threaded round bar. The correct ones were supposed to have been 16mm HT bolts with washers.

    So again, BEWARE

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    Scaaary! I guess you have to get under the vehicle and check these details. Take nothing for granted even from "professionals'


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