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    Default Camp sites to avoid Western Cape

    Please report all resorts that lacks the will to enforce civilized camping rules. It costs us money, time and mostly a weekend spoiled by some wannabee.
    Be specific about the incident and it must be at least 72 hours after the incident to let tempers settle. Do not badmouth people and give date and what has happened.

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    Hollandsche Molen during Easter and other peak holiday periods.

    We camped there for the Easter weekend 2009 ( I assume this is long enough after the fact for me to have cooled down) and the place was obviously over booked, or to many campers were allowed to share stands. I counted at least 5 stands with 2 or more FAMILIES in the immediate vicinity of our stand. Our neighbour was obviously a regular visitor to this site ( was our first and last time at Hollandsche Molen ) as it seems as if half the campers spent the Friday evening, into the early hours Saturday morning, around his campfire. Now we have no problem with campers having a "jol" during a braai, but after twelve drunken sing-songs, blaring car stereo's and the swearing associated with dirty jokes, becomes too much for me as the father of (then) 12 and 10 year old children. Knowing that arguing with drunks usually only inflames matters, I decided to do nothing until the next morning (Saturday). The noise finally died down at about 1:30. At about 6:00 the Saturday morning we awoke to the most horrible shouting and swearing between our neighbour and his teenage daughter. She was, in no uncertain terms, being told that she acted like a cheap lady of the night, etc, etc. I still owe my son and explanation of some of the terms used !

    Since there are an whole array of signs at the entrance warning about exessive noise, swearing, loud music, etc. I decided to take the matter up with campo management and duly traipsed off to the office, only to be advised to report the matter to the "managers" at the gate. After explaining the situation and our unhappiness, I was told they will make immediate work of the matter and Asked if I would like to have the culprit thrown out, as this is their policy. Being the nice guy that I am, I obviously did not want to spoil the weekend for the idjit's family and said no, just ask him to behave for the rest of the weekend.

    About half an hour later the same guys that took my complaint rock up at neighbour's caravan and promptly informed him that the "old toppie" (manager's words) next door complained about his noise and to please pipe down. They then sat down for a left over chop and a dop (dunno if it was cold drink or B&C) and the manager left with them being the biggest buddy's possible.

    Our neighbour then stood up and proclaimed to the whole campsite that they must please be quiet, as the spoil sports next to him does not want any noise. Obviously the rest of our weekend was spoiled by dirty looks and comments thrown our way.

    I did e-mail the details of the incident to the resort management afterwards and other than acknowledgement and a promise to investigate, have not heard a peep from them. Needless to say, it is nearly Easter again and we wil definately not be going there again.

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    Kango Bergoord, Oudtshoorn

    That is unless your car have a music system that can outperform your neighbours, and I mean ALL the neighbours. And a 4x4 won't cut the grade, you need an Opel Kadett of 80's vintage with lots of stripes.
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    I thought this thread was around "camp sites to avoid"?
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    Off topic posts moved to a new thread here
    Recommended camp sites
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    BERGPLAAS RESORT in stellenbosch!! went there last easter and what a terrible experience! The website is totally decieving.. They say you camp on green grass but instead you camp on sand, dust and hard tree roots, plus the ground is unlevel so hold onto your drink or it will slide off the table.

    Nobody who enjoys the peacefull outdoors will enjoy this camp site, unless ofcourse like Camelman says, and i quote "That is unless your car have a music system that can outperform your neighbours, and I mean ALL the neighbours. And a 4x4 won't cut the grade, you need an Opel Kadett of 80's vintage with lots of stripes"

    I have had quite a few bad camping experiences where you have to compete with the noise of the locals but this was by far the worse.. Also another problem was the ablution blocks were disgusting! they did not clean it once while we were there over the long weekend.

    When i confronted the "Foreman" about the issue of the noise, the toilets and the people that were breaking branches off the little trees there were in the area and using it as braai wood, his response was "I tried to tell the people they need to turn the music down but they threatened me and told me that they are gangsters from mannenberg and they will kill me" He then went on to tell us a completely irrelevant story about how he is half Irish and Irish dont feel pain?? and he used to be 5 foot 6 but now he is 5 foot 5 It was clear he himself was intoxicated.. I then contacted bergplaas themselves later on during the week and all they said is "Fine we will give you a refund" that was the last i heard of them or the refund.

    I am not the type of person that moans or complains about anything but i wouldnt want another camper to experience the same thing i did.

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