I have decided to buy the Triton.

Now to decide between the 3.2 4x4 or the 2.5 4x4 version. I have spoken to salesmen saying they dont make the 2.5 4x4 anymore although you might find a low km 2008 registered as a 2009. Apparently stopped making the 2.5 4x4 version in 2008?

Looking at the specs of the 2 versions, the 3.2, 118 kw and 343 NM torque VS the 2.5 100 kw and 314 NM torque, there is not such a big difference? And the rest of the vehicle is exactly the same, interior an exterior?

I want to use it for trips up north, Namibia and Mosambique. Not really into hardcore catogory 5 obstacles and soforth. Mostly a reliable 4x4 that you can go to Bots, Namibia and Mosambique. So it must be able to handle sand an water with ease.

Can the members with hands on knowledge of the 2 version please post their recommendations and views here?

Thank you