Small Eclipse of the Sun for parts of SA this Friday

The north-eastern half of South Africa will see a small (10% for Gauteng) partial eclipse of the Sun early tomorrow morning (Friday 15th January).

The eclipse starts around 7am and ends about 8am. More specific details for different parts of the country are at
Looking directly at the Sun causes eye-damage. To view the eclipse you should therefore
(a) use eye-protection, and
(b) not use any visual aid such as binoculars, cameras or telescopes, all of which amplify the damage.

The best eye-protection is eclipse viewers, but it is also safe to take a quick (five-second) look through a double layer of Five Roses teabag foil. A perfectly safe way to view the eclipse is to hold an A4 sheet of white paper near the ground under a tree, and look down onto the paper for "pinhole-projected" images of the eclipsed Sun visible on the paper. Pinhole projection may be a challenge for such a small eclipse early in the morning - try it at max eclipse (around 7:25am).

Ordinary sunglasses should not be used for eclipse-viewing - they do not block the damaging heat from the Sun.