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    Default Malwi via Mozambique


    Has anyone recently done a trip to southern malawi via Moz? I am thinking of doing it in Jun/Jul.

    I do not want a survival trip, but a family trip with +- 4 vehicles, some with camp trailers.

    Any suggestions for the best route to and back for 18 days?

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    Default Malawi via Mozambique

    I am also interested in going to Malawi via Mozambique. I have done a little research on the internet and found that there are 2 borders: one at Milange and one at Dedza... BUT there seems to be little information about how to get there and or which route is preferable or quicker. We'd be coming from KZN and looking at June/July also. We'd come in at Maputo but from there it's a bit of a mystery as to which route to take. Let me know if you find out any more and I'll do the same - heading to the shops now to see if I can find a book on Malawi as the internet seems to be a bit vague and only catering for fly in safaris.
    Keep me posted and I'll do the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joehardbody View Post
    II have done a little research on the internet and found that there are 2 borders: one at Milange and one at Dedza
    Both those borders are a mission, a nice mission, but a mission none the less. Your straightforward route if you don't want to go bundu bashing is Maputo up the coast on the EN1, hang a left when you hit the Beira - Chimoio road (EN6), just past Chimoio hang a right onto route 102 to Tete, at Changara keep going to Tete on the 103, then through the border into Malawi at Zobue via Moatize, and into Blantyre.

    The Milange/Mulanje border post has to be accessed by Quelimane and Namacurra. If you want to be adventurous, enter via Vila Nova de Fronteira, after crossing the Zambezi at the new Caia bridge, and then take the roads to Mutarara and then north (the Dona Ana bridge linking Mutarara and Villa de Sena is rail only, although they do allow motor bikes across, but no cars). If you do stop off in Mutarara, don't go near the banks of the Zambezi - the area is notorious for crocodile attacks, evidently the result of some body dumping during the civil war.
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