Kalahari Mountain View 4x4 over December

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    Default Kalahari Mountain View 4x4 over December

    Itching for some sand I set out on my lonesome to Witsand for some dune driving. Witsand has an agreement with a neighbouring farm which hosts the Kalahari Mountain View 4x4 trail.

    If you stay over at Witsand you can buy your permit for the trail at reception, R290 if I remember correctly. The trail is about 20kms from Witsand.
    On arrival I was greeted by three sliding gates. Which I did not think much off. That is until I had to open and close the last of 20 odd gates in one day. TIP: take a sidekick along!

    The trail is quite easy and a good terrain for someone who wants to do some dune driving for the first time.

    Now I know you have already thought: "Kalahari in December, Are you MAD?!"...well...yes. Although doing the dunes in winter has a number of advantages, the least being less air between the sand particles which makes driving much easier and the most must be the 50 degree C sand under your feet!!

    The trail has a well laid out and illustrated map with enough information to tickle your fancy. Each dune has also been given a unique and descriptive name which makes you look forward to conquering: "Hemel duin" [heaven dune for the souties out there], "Breker Duin" [tough guy dune], "Probeer Weer" [try again], and "Omdraai" [turn around] and "Gee Vet" [give it some gas]! NOTE to the reader: These translations are purely my own unimaginative babbel.

    The trail is basically divided into 3 sections (four if you count the mountain part...but more on this later). The first section consists of gates and some fairly large dunes.

    The second section consists of gates and a meander through the kalahari bush which I think my Gran can do in her Opel. This is also a rather new part to the trail and well planned.

    In the third section you will encounter gates and a wee bit rougher terrain through the dunes with the last section ending in an excellent dune playground.
    The final section is the 4km mountain trail. They claim this to be a grade 4, which I think is 100% accurate. It is a tedious crawl over stones for 2 kms up a mountain, only to turn around and crawl back. Those with Range Rover Sports, don't attempt this in your dropped suspension. Not something which I will call a great end to a day after spending it in 45 degrees C. But for those which loves mountain crawls...knock yourselves out!
    Over all comment: well worth the drive, in winter, with a co-pilot for the gates!
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    Stunning!!! might do this in march next year on my way to Kalagadi!..

    Thanks for the report!

    I like anything with 4 or more wheels...

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    What a lovely looking place, i must make a plan on this one.
    My Hardbody is always game for a grade 4
    Thanks for the post.

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    cool pic's and great humour, well done and I hope you enjoyed
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