Driving from Roma to Mohale Dam

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    Default Driving from Roma to Mohale Dam

    Hi guys,

    My friends and I are heading up to Lesotho in a weeks time to see as much as we can in a VW Polo , and are hoping to drive from Roma to inspect the Mohale Dam. My research so far has shown that the road is nicely tarred and the idea very do able, provided we dont try go further than the dam towards Thaba Tseka.

    You chaps seem to know the roads better than any of the writings I've read so far, what is your evaluation of my proposed plan?

    Also any estimation of how long a return trip from Roma to the dam would take? I gather that distances and times are not necessarily linearly related in Lesotho.

    edit: we also plan on driving from Katse dam around to oxbow and perhaps past (via butha buthe) and then doubling back to Butha Buthe for the night. From what I've read this should be fine, but again I'd rather side with the professionals opinion here (albeit at risk of scorn at the weak polo :-) )

    My thanks in advance and for the silent assistance gained through your other topics,

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    You can have breakfast at Roma, drive to Mohale Dam and be back at Roma for lunch, all tar.
    You don't mention much about your plan, what route you using to Katse Dam? Before or after Roma, where are you entering Lesotho and exiting?
    Some of the road is already tarred between Mohale Dam and Thaba Tseka, but they are working on it to get it tarred for the Kings birthday bash at Thaba Tseka next year so it is a bit of a mess, especially if it rains will be difficult.
    Is Semonkong included in your plan? It's not too far from Roma and well worth the visit to the waterfall.
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    Thanks, for the info.

    Our plan is to drive to Ficksburg from Cape Town and overnight there. Leave at the crack of dawn (as in real early to guarantee making the 9am tour) to the katse dam. Then we have to options, for both we will double back to Hlotse/Leribe (maybe lunch there) then either (1) go right towards Oxbow as far as time will allow so as to be back before dark in Buthe Butha to sleep. The next day drive to Malealea stopping at Thaba Bosiu enroute. Option (2) head left towards Roma where we will overnight at the trading post, stopping at Thaba Bosiu enroute. In the morning go to the Mohale Dam then head back to Malealea.

    We then pony trek from Malealea to Semonkong.

    I like both options, my car owning companion likes option (1) but I am struggling to find backpacker style(budget) accommodation in Buthe Butha or arounds, and rather worry about how much time we'll have to drive the northern roads (would be awesome to get as far Tlaeeng Pass, but reckon this is far to optimistic). I have this idea of the threat of driving in the dark forcing us to double back half way up a pass which would be a bit of a bummer.

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