Gearbox or Clutch?

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    Default Gearbox or Clutch?

    Excuse my ignorance on this one. I have a 2.4 D/C 4x4 with 150000 on the clock. Lately I battle with the gearshift. Up is scratchy and down is near impossible. THe question now is... clutch or gearbox. I'm opting for clutch.

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    Do you have a problem with all the gears or only a few? Normally if all the gears gets sticky its the clutch, if you only have a problem with let say 2de and 5th... then it could be the sincros on those gears.

    By the way, I see its your first post! Welcome to the forum, why not introduce yourself?

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    check your slave and master cylinders, could be time for a rebuild.
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    Thanks guys. Cobus, did the intro thing. Meant to a while ago but never got round to it!

    She is sticky throughout. Think I will do the clutch and master / slave in one go. That should sort out the lot. Thanks again guys!

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