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    Newsflash 765 of 02 December 2009

    Border Crossing Over December 2009 And January 2010

    Dear MCLI Readers


    The Border Planning Meeting of the many government departments and stakeholders from both South Africa and Mozambique, headed by Lebombo BCOCC Chairperson and Port Coordinator, Mr Henson Msongweni, has finalised their planning for the peak volumes of traffic crossing the border during the December period. Government departments are set to deploy additional staff and erect additional temporary infrastructure to accommodate the expected increase in particularly passenger traffic during this period. Experienced gained during the massive influx of traffic during previous peak periods has played a significant role in this year’s planning.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volumes and limitations of infrastructure and human resources, despite additional staff being deployed, queues and congestion are still expected, so travellers are requested to be patient and to prepare for this eventuality.

    The following press release has been received from Mr Henson Msongweni and applies to the operation of the border posts of Mozambique and Swaziland over the festive period:

    Joint Media Statement: Border Control Measures for the

    Festive Period – Mpumalanga Province.

    December 2009.


    The South African Government’s Border Control Operational Coordinating Committee (BCOCC) at the Mpumalanga Province today released details of important measures put in place to prevent possible congestion at the Province’s busiest ports of entry over December 2009 / January 2010 festive season period. These measures will culminate in the coordination of operations at the National Border Management Coordination Centre (NBMCC), already operational and deal with day to day port of entry operations. Crime prevention measures will be intensified in a coordinated manner at all the key ports of entry by Government agencies and institutions involved in crime prevention. Human capacity in all the Provincial ports of entries will increase and officials from these institutions will convene daily joint sessions, closely monitoring the execution of the festive plans, monitor the trends in the movement of goods and people and, if necessary, employ contingency plans at the busiest ports of entry in the Province. It must be noted that the busiest ports of entry during the festive season are our land ports mostly Lebombo Border Post (Mozambique) and Oshoek Border Post (Swaziland).
    About the BCOCC.
    The BCOCC is an affiliated structure of the Justice Crime Prevention and Security Cluster and was mandated in 2005 to strategically manage the South African Ports of Entry environment in a coordinated manner. The Lead Government Agency and Chair of the BCOCC is the South African Revenue Services (SARS).
    The BCOCC mandate as a coordinating structure extends to all sea; land and air ports of entry and exit. The mandate includes and is not limited to the following:
    1.Develop and implement National Integrated Border Management Strategy (NIBMS).
    2.Planning and acting within one framework, whilst retaining agency-specific accountabilities.
    3.Create a workable balance between security, trade, tourism and economic development in the RSA and the SADC region.
    4.Harmonise and implement legislation and policy, thereby improving legal flow of persons and goods.
    5.Advise policy makers on matters relating to Border Management.
    6.Coordinate law enforcement operations at Ports of Entry in order to combat illegal activities whilst facilitating legal flow of goods and travellers.
    The following Government Institutions are involved in the Border Control and Security Framework: the Departments of Home Affairs (DHA), National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Department of Transport (DOT), Cross Border Road Transport Agency (CBRTA), Department of Public Works (DPW), Department of Agriculture (DOA), Port Health (DOH), South African National Defense Force, South African Police Service (SAPS) and the South African Revenue Service (SARS).
    In preparation for the increase in traffic volumes during the Festive period (December 2009 to January 2010) various Government Departments forming part of the Border Control Operational Coordinating Committee (BCOCC) and neighbouring countries (Swaziland and Mozambique) have agreed to implement measures which will ensure that there is quick processing of travellers at various Ports of Entry in Mpumalanga Province.

    1.Operational Hours.

    The following Mpumalanga Ports of Entry will extend operational hours as per table below:

    Ports of Entry- Extended Hours

    Ports of Entry

    Normal Operational Hours

    Extended Operations (Festive Period)


    Opening Time

    Closing Time

    *Lebombo (RSA/Mozambique)
    06h00 to 00h00 (Non-commercial Hours)

    06h00 to 22h00 (Commercial hours)
    04 December 2009 to 18 January 2010
    24 hour operation

    Normal hours

    *Oshoek (RSA/ Swaziland)
    07h00 to 22h00
    10 December 2009 to 16 December 2009

    16 December 2009 to 31st December 2009


    24 hour operation



    Mananga (RSA/ Swaziland)
    07h00 to 18h00
    14 December 2009 to 5 January 2010
    Jeppes Reef (RSA/ Swaziland)
    07h00 to 20h00
    Normal Hours
    Normal Hours
    Mahamba (RSA/ Swaziland)
    07h00 to 22h00
    23 December 2009 to 24 December 2009

    2. Clearance of Travellers.

    Lebombo Port of Entry (POE) will clear people travelling in buses, taxis and Bakkies (only if they have more than 6 passengers) at the Komatipoort Commercial Facility (7km before the main Port of Entry) from the 11 December to 24 December 2009.

    Other Ports of Entry will clear people at their main and outside buildings where applicable.

    3.Port of Entry Requirement (RSA side).

    ·No individual is allowed to import or export firearm(s) without a permit. Police Officials are no longer permitted to store firearms at the Port of Entry – South African Police Services (SAPS).
    ·All South African registered vehicles to be taken to Mozambique or Swaziland should have the following documentation: (1) Vehicle Registration Documents, (2) if the vehicle is financed by the bank we need a letter from the financial institution/bank authorising the driver to take the vehicle out of the country, (3), if the vehicle is owned by the company we need an authorisation letter in company letterhead. This should include the vehicle insurance – SAPS.
    ·Emergency passports will not be issued at the Port during the Festive period. Passports are issued at Home Affairs offices at various towns/cities. No person including children will be allowed through the POE without a valid passport (at least one page of the passport should be unused) – Department of Home Affairs (DHA).
    ·Foreigners entering RSA should have a passport valid for 30 days after the expiry of the visit period – DHA.
    ·Public should ensure that they declare all goods in their possession with all necessary documentation such as invoices or proof of purchase. All imported second-hand clothing entering the country needs to be accompanied by a permit from DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) – SARS Customs.
    ·All valuable items such as motorbikes, cameras and laptops are to be declared at Customs – SARS Customs.
    ·No agricultural and animal products including live animals even for personal consumption are allowed to enter the country (RSA) without a permit. Such goods will be detained if permits are not available – Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF).
    ·All corpses (dead bodies) need a grant permit to enter the country – Mpumalanga Department of Health & Social Services – (MDOH & SS)
    ·Travellers going abroad or coming into the country are only allowed to bring medicine which will last for 30 days if they are in possession of the doctor prescription – MDOH & SS.
    ·People travelling to and from yellow fever countries (e.g. Angola, Congo, Nigeria, etc) must be in possession of a yellow fever certificate – MDOH & SS.
    ·All RSA permit holders (work or study) are no longer allowed to claim a vat refund when they export goods –. They can only claim on expiry of their permit within 90 days period before their final departure from RSA – VAT Refund Administrators (VRA).

    4.Port of Entry Requirement (Mozambique side).

    ·Revenue or fees to be paid at Ressano-Garcia POE (Mozambique side) when entering.
    üImmigration fees – RSA passport holders pay R17,00; Non-South African and Non-Mozambican passport holders without VISA pay R172.00 for VISA.
    üCustoms Fees – Non-Mozambicans pay R10.00 road tax for the vehicle. Goods entering Mozambique are liable to duties/ taxes depending on the quantity and quality thereof.
    üVehicle Insurance – Motorbike R80.00, Vehicle R150.00, Vehicle pulling a trailer or caravan R230.00, Trucks or any vehicle carrying commercial goods R200.00 and trucks or any vehicle pulling a trailer carrying commercial goods R300.
    üCurrency – Rands and Meticals are accepted for payment of the above services.

    5.Port of Entry Requirement (Swaziland side).

    ·Swaziland Customs charges a road tax on all non-Swaziland registered vehicles entering Swaziland as follows: Vehicles (non-commercial) R50, Trucks and other commercial vehicles R80.
    ·Currency – Only Rands (only notes & silver coins) or Emalangeni are accepted for payment at Swaziland Ports of Entry.

    It should further be noted that Mpumalanga Ports of Entries including neighbouring countries do not have credit card facilities (card swiping machine).

    This communication does not address all processes and requirements at the Ports of Entry and it is advisable that before a person begins his/her journey he/she should consults the relevant department for detailed information.

    For media queries please Contact the following Port Coordinators:

    Name of Border Post

    Contact Person
    Lebombo Border Post & Mpumalanga Province
    Mr. Henson Msongweni
    083 555 3357 - 013 7937626
    [email protected] or [email protected]

    Oshoek & Waverley Border Post
    Mr. Themba Mndebele
    082 645 3613
    Mahamba & Bothashoop Border Post
    Mr. Koot Malebe
    079 799 2950
    Jeppes Reef & Josefsdal Border Post
    Mr. David Mabuza
    079 515 7715
    Mananga Border Post

    Ms. Barbara Stassen
    079 506 8854
    Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport
    Ms. Elda Ferreira
    083 555 4609
    Neston & Emahlathini Border Post
    Ms Zandile Msibi

    With Kind Regards
    Henson Msongweni
    BCOCC – Mpumalanga Province
    083 555 3357

    MCLI requests that all stakeholders note that:

    • <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 7.2pt; TEXT-ALIGN: justify">Travellers to Mozambique are required by law to carry a reflective vest and two emergency triangles. <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 7.2pt; TEXT-ALIGN: justify">No animals or pets whatsoever are permitted to be carried across the border. <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 7.2pt; TEXT-ALIGN: justify">Transport operators from South Africa who are moving across the border are required to have permits issued by the Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA). For enquiries in this regard, call the C-BRTA on +27 (0) 12 362 1864 +27 (0) 12 362 1864
    • Travellers crossing the border from Mozambique to South Africa in buses, taxis and bakkies (only if they have more than 6 passengers) will be directed to KM4 (4 kilometers from the Ressano Garcia port of entry) from the 2nd of January to the 14th of January.



    • There are many individuals working on both sides of the border who are passing themselves off as government officials and who offer to complete documentation on behalf of travellers for a fee. These individuals are fraudsters and should be avoided categorically. Please also note that no fees are payable on either side of the border for the completion of documents. The only fees charged are those outlined in the BCOCC Press Release above. If you are unsure please ask for official identification and an official government receipt.

    • <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 7.2pt; TEXT-ALIGN: justify">Please also do not use the runners at the border post who offer to speed your thoroughfare and jump the immigration queues for a fee. This makes you party to fraud and corruption and undermines the efforts of the relevant government departments to stamp out corruption and provide an effective service. <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 7.2pt; TEXT-ALIGN: justify">Important for drivers at all times to carry their driver’s licence, proof of insurance and reimportation documents for bringing their vehicles back into SA. <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 7.2pt; TEXT-ALIGN: justify">It is advisable to obtain an international driver’s licence for travel across the border, whether to Mozambique or to South Africa. These are available from the AA and most travel agents. <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 7.2pt; TEXT-ALIGN: justify">Third party insurance for South African vehicles crossing the border is compulsory and can be obtained from various outlets at the border and at Komatipoort, agents at the Lebombo Border Dry Port, as well as the Sasol garage on the N4 near the Komatipoort turn off. These service providers will also assist with necessary documentation for your trip across the border. In the event of an accident involving a third party the first line of call is the insurance company. <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 7.2pt; TEXT-ALIGN: justify">Night-time travellers should be aware of pedestrians and stray animals on the road. <LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 7.2pt; TEXT-ALIGN: justify">Officials at both Ports of Entry, i.e. Lebombo and Ressano Garcia, have requested that travellers do not use their parking spot at the border post as a point to take a refreshment break, as this contributes to the congestion of the facility. It is recommended that you stop for refreshment breaks before or after the Port of Entry.
    • Alternatively, tourists may want to travel to Mozambique via Swaziland through the Jeppes Reef Border post (From the N4 just after Malelane) or the Mananga Border post (from the N4 just after Komatipoort), crossing into Mozambique through the Lomahasha Border Post.


    Should travellers encounter difficulties with traffic police or other authorities en route to their destinations, particularly if these officers are attempting to illicit bribes or are threatening, you are advised to do the following:

    • <LI class=MsoNormal>Be as cooperative as possible <LI class=MsoNormal>Insist on a written or officially printed fine <LI class=MsoNormal>Don’t pay the fine to the police officer, but take it to the nearest police station for payment and get an official receipt; stamped if possible. <LI class=MsoNormal>If the police/traffic officers request a bribe, ensure that you take the name of the officer, and ensure that the location and time of the road block is noted. Without this information there can be no recourse. <LI class=MsoNormal>Do not pay the bribe! <LI class=MsoNormal>If in Mozambique, report this to the SA High Commission (number below) or pass it on to MCLI to take up. If police insist on escorting you to the nearest police station, or if you are unsure of the legitimacy of the charge, (the escort may often not be the closest police station) call the SA High Commission in Maputo on +258 21 49 0059/3030 or their after hours duty officer on +258 84 304 4600 +258 84 304 4600 for advice.
    • If in South Africa, the same principles apply and incidents should be reported to the Mpumalanga Traffic Department on their hotline 0800 202775 0800 202775



    Leef 1 dag soos n Tier, nie 100 jaar soos n skaap nie

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    this is good stuff thanks
    Never Dull in Africa

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