I hope that i can find an advice here.

I have a Triton 2.5 4x4 import version with 19000km on the clock. For a long time i have had a problem with vibrations (vigorous back and forth motion) on the steering wheel while driving on a rough road or hiting a small pothole on the road. The steering would move back and forth that i have to hold with both hands not to loose controll over the vehicle.

Mitsubishi service have adjusted suspension (milion times) aligment also was done so many times, replaced the shocks coz they were gone after 10000km, replace steering column which improved the feel for a while but the vibrations appeared again.

Also when driving on a bit rough road the vehicle front feels like an old bitten up car accompanied by knocking noises from the plastics on dashboard.

The car does not have that stiff smooth feel but very harsh supsension and steering it feels loose on the front like an 30 year old car.

Apparently mitsubishi can not find cure for this problem and they say that it is normal for these bakkies, but i dont trust them because the car was not like that in the first 7000-8000 km`s.

Can someone give me an idea of what could the problem be or a service non-mitsubishi that can check the suspension and steering.

Is anyone else experiencing the same with a imported 2009 tritons?Mine is just hell to drive.

Thanks i hope that someone can response and help me.