Driving from Cape Town to Mozambique

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    Default Driving from Cape Town to Mozambique

    Hi There,

    I am planning a trip to Mozambique (First time) and I want to drive from Cape Town.

    Does anybody have some advise as to how I should approach this, what I'll need, where to go?

    I am planning on going in February and I drive a Nissan Hardbody NP300 2.4 Petrol.


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    Hi Herman,

    You will have to be a bit more specific with regard to what you want to do etc etc. A good start is to go back into the Mocambique archive on this forum and read some of the threads, and also have a look at Mike's website, Mozguide.com

    If you ask specific questions, you'll get better answers.

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    I have family in Hermanus who sometimes travel up to Jhb and then travel with us to Moz (Legogo Bay near Inhambane) but there's lots of nice places closer to Maputo. As Tony says give the forum some idea of where you might want to go and what you'd like to see and do,post on the forum, and see what turns up........

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    When we go to Moz, we drive from Cape Town to Jo'burg on the first day. Sleep over at family. On day two we go through the border. It is a holiday, not an endurance event.

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    Hi Herman
    We have also travelled from CT to Vilanculos for the past few years. Our first stop is Bloem then Nelspruit and depending on the traffic at the border we stay at Casa Lisa / Bilene or Xai Xai and then Vlanculos.The times spent at the border post vary quite a bit but we have always made it to Xai Xai on the third day. It takes 8 days round trip as your average speed in Moz is 70 Km/hr. The one problem with that time of year is ist`s the rainy season and you can`t see how deep the potholes are because they are full of water and there are some huge ones. The first time I went I drove to Vilanculos with a Jetta 2 and a 700Kg trailer without any problems. For me the real Moz starts from Inhambane up to Vilanculos. As the other forum writers say decide what you want to do and how long you want to go for . You can e mail me at [email protected]


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