Navara - a decent offroader?

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    Default Navara - a decent offroader?

    I've been toying with the idea of trading my 1 year old 3 series in on a Navara. I drove the 2.5 double cab 4x4 today. Was impressed with how strong the engine is. Good power. As to whether I would really need a 4x4, I'm not sure, but I think there are enough trails in the Cape Town area to justify the extra expense.

    In your experience, is the Navara a decent enough offroader to warrant consideration? I've heard reports of clutch problems, vehicle height insufficient to name a few.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


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    I have had my 2.5D Navara 4x4 for 2 and a half years now and have done a fair amount of offroading in it including Sani Pass (Rocks) Tembe (Sand) Transkei (Sand, Mud , Corrogations) and a 7000km trip through Botswana and the Kgalagadi (Sand, Dunes, Rocks, Water, Mud and Corrogations). Not once did I get stuck or have any problems on those trips, the vehicle has performed perfectly, The only thing was the occasional banging of the side steps, they are a bit low, and because of its length it's breakove angle is not as good as a SWB. Pros: The most comfortable double cab by far, suspension is a bit road biased. Very spacious inside, and can load up all the camping stuff I need in the bin (I do have a canopy, a great investment). Fantastic, powerful engine. Good fuel economy, I get about 10l/100km in city driving. Has done everything and more that I have needed it to do offroad. Cruise control, I cant live without it now on those long trips. Great service from my local dealer.
    Cons: I had to replace my clutch after 75000kms, and this does seem to be a problem with the Navara, haggled with Nissan and they did eventually agree to pay half, apparently they have sorted this out now with the newer models. Hard to park in tight spaces, this is a very big vehicle. Sidesteps are low and can hit rocks, but I have found with careful driving this is not a major issue. 17" Tyres are expensive (but I think that will be the case with any double cab).
    All in all I am very very happy with my Navara and besides the replaced clutch and 1 puncture, it has been flawless, I would happily buy another one. Hope this helps.

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