The GF & decided that were looking for an outing for Sunday. Me being a newbie to 4X4ing, and us going it alone, we were looking for something relaxed, with more of a focus on a nature outing than serious 4X4ing. Searching the forum I came across 2 than looked suitable:
Blombosch near Yzerfontein, or Buffelsfontein in the same general area..

I read up about the 2, and eventually decided on Blombosch as it looked like a rustige drive out as it had been raining the previous few days so the sand should be a piece of cake, also the trail apparently accommodates soft roaders too, so it should be no problem for a novice like me.

So on Sunday we arrived at Blombosch after having had lunch at Yzerfontein. Was a bit later than planned, but this was because I kept on stopping along the way to watch the large number of raptors along the route. It seems that with the wheat fields being harvested, the hawks, kites & kestrels are out in numbers. Absolutely stunning to watch. In hindsight, should rather have stopped & watched them for the rest of the day.

Anyway, so we paid our moneys and got our pamphlet. It said that Blombosch is a well maintained nature trail approx. 13kmís long, with a picnic / braai area halfway, and a 4x4 Ďplayí are along the route. Apparently there is also accommodation available. Sounded perfect, so we headed off to the starting point.

Heading off, the sand was no problem and it was a pleasant drive in the countryside, if somewhat devoid of much attractions. Within a short space of time we arrived at the 4x4 play area, and thatís the 1st time I noticed the shrubs to the side intruding on the play area. Well I gave it a bash anyway despite the bushes being overgrown. Was easy enough for me and we continued on our journey. By this stage I was starting to get quite annoyed with the bushes being so overgrown as it was scraping and scratching at least one side of the bakkie on a regular basis now. Within a Km or two, the overgrown thorn bushes and shrubs were scratching the vehicle quite seriously now, and the middlemannejie reeds were about a metre tall. I got out and had a look ,and indeed the scratches were quite visible, and the paintwork definitely the worse for wear. I fully understand that if you are going to be going offroading and 4x4ing, then EXPECT your vehicle to get scratched, and sometimes damaged, but if the place is advertised as WELL MAINTAINED, and VEHICLE FRIENDLY then I DO NOT expect this to happen.
At this point both side of the vehicle were being scraped as the path was simply too narrow, but fortunately we came across the half way point Ė the picnic area, Aapgat. There was some protection from the wind, which seemed to work quite well, and a pool of stagnant water, I suppose that was Aapgat. Not exactly a spot that I would want to stopover for a picnic though, so we continued with the trail.

The last KM or 2 of the trail improved marginally, but only because the sand was softer so the shrubs were fewer. We came across some buck ( blesbok I think ) and some cows, and that was that.

All in all an unsatisfactory experience. I would have thought for my not-so-cheap R150 entry fee that at least some maintenance would have been done.

My advice? Give this place a miss and go to the West Coast National Park a few KMís up the road instead. Just R30 entry per person, good facilities, roads maintained and a lot more flora & fauna to be seen.