For starters, I am new to the game and I do not have my Quest manual with me. (stupid hey)

In any case, did my trip planning on the Mapsource on the PC and 27 waypoints and 18 routes are on the final file.

Attempting to transfer this data to my GPS ('device'), not all of the routes and only 13 out of the 27 waypoints are on the GPS.


1. Do I have to clear all (waypoints and routes) on the GPS prior to transferring new data from the PC, and if so, how do I clear the waypoints (one at a time??). The routes have a clear all option, but could not find it for the waypoints? PS Have managed to get all routes on GPS after deleting all of the previous routes on the GPS, long way but is it the correct way??

2. Shouldn't the transferring of data update (i.e. add ) new waypoints to the existing waypoints on the GPS and vice versa??

3. Is there on the GPS any way in determining the file name from which the data has been transferred?

Eagerly awaiting your valued reply. (PS - This question was also posted on the 4xForum website as I value any information, irrespective of the communication forum/source)