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    I have being very privileged to be invited by "Leisure wheels" with all the other manufacturers with 4x4 Double cab vehicles to do a small trip to Mozambique this past weekend.

    We entered the border Wednesday morning through Komatimoort - From Maputo and on to Macaneta where we cross the Incomati River by ferry boat.

    After breakfast the following morning we continue our journey north to Bilene.

    Friday we continued our trip North, and ended closed to Xai-Xai, We had permits to do some beach driving, but unfortunately the Mozambique authorities stopped all of this only two days before the trip!

    Saturday we drove back to Maputo & came home Sunday.
    Nissan Hardbody 2.4 petrol
    Nissan Nirvana 2.5 TD
    Mazda BT-50
    Ford BT-50
    Hilux D4D
    Isuzu 300TD
    Mitsubishi Triton 3.2TD
    Sungyong 2.0TD
    GWM 2.8TD
    Mahindra Scorpio Pik-Up
    Tata Xenon

    Some feedback:
    All vehicles completed the trip without any breakdowns or even minor problems - not even a flat wheel, then I must add we did not do any serious off-roading, except for some excessive sand driving.
    For the vehicles, there was a huge cap in price between some of the vehicles for the most expensive was more than double the price of the cheapest. Obviously vehicles for different applications & uses, choosing the best or rather personal best will depend on your personal likes & dislikes, taste and obviously your budget. But all where good for the Moz trip.

    Vehicles that really impressed me:
    Nissan Nirvana - very powerful motor, good fuel consumption & very comfortable drive but low ground clearance & very long wheel base.
    Isuzu - Personally I recon this is the best balanced vehicle between a workhorse, comfort & economy.
    GWM - For the price it must be the best value for money, the GWM with us had a aftermarket intercooler fitted - without this it is very under powered. My main concern with this vehicle will be the quality after say 80000km & parts pricing and availability.

    Vehicles that did not impress:
    Tata - just dont like the shape, small wheels, the feel, the engine, low ground clearance
    Hardbody - Its seems Nissan have stopped this to be a family 4x4 - This model is now a very basic vehicle more into the workhorse stable - the one that joined us was the 2.4 petrol - very underpowered compared with the other vehicles on the trip - on various occasions the Hardbody needed an airstrip to get enough speed for the sandy hills

    Ugliest vehicle:
    Must be the Sangyong - I`ve got no Idea how on earth they designed the front grill on that vehicle. Beside that the vehicle performed very well.
    Then the new Ford, again the front grill does not work. Its something between a spaceship & a model T design.... just weird.
    Decided to to degrade the Tata again....

    This was my first time running with mud terrain tyres on serious sand.... not an good idea, with the very soft sand I really battled as the moment you loose a bit om momentum the muds digs 4 perfect holes just there. By the way I`ve deflated them to around 0.6 bar.

    Then for Mozambique... must add this was my first time to this country. Maybe my expectations was to high, maybe we just visited or drove through the wrong areas, or maybe just that I was stuck in a convoy & could not do the things I really want, but I was not impressed with Moz.
    The poverty is extreme, everywhere you go you are followed by kids begging for sweets and money to buy bread.
    The land has being destroyed by the people and maybe the war, there is limited trees and almost no bird life left.
    The effort required to reach the beautiful beaches just does not make sense to me, for that amount of effort I rather prefer North Natal, its a lot easier to reach and as beautiful - very important to me as my kids are still relative small & gets anoint being in the car the whole day.
    The Moz is darn expensive, from the drinks, overnight accommodation & entertainment, when entering moz you get 3M for every Rand... but transferring it back, its not a choice for a cheap holiday.

    Looking back I did enjoy the wild side of Moz, being in the bush in Africa does give a feel to you of being on an Africa Safari. I again realized the importance if you going for the first time to go with somebody that has being there before, just makes it a lot easier.
    Then be prepared, make sure you do you homework before you go to ensure you take with all the odds and ends you might need when you in trouble there.

    Some pics of our trip:
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    203 Edison Crescent, Weca 4x4, Hennopspark, Centurion, GPS: 25°52’19.0”S 28°09’59.3”
    Cobus Böhmer CEL: 071 641 7947 Email:

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