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    Default Route enquiry: Richtersveld

    We're planning a trip to the Richtersveld in June 2010 and I was wondering whether anyone had any itinerary suggestions for the park, we have 2 weeks and were planning a camping trip in the SA part of the park as we will be travelling with friends who don't have passports.

    Is that too long for the park? We were thinking 2-3 nights per camp and stay in 4 or 5 camps.

    Is it a crying shame to go all the way and not do the Namibian bit of the park? I'm wondering whether I should badger our friends into applying for their passports.

    Any advice or suggestions will be gratefully received.

    We are travelling from Cape Town.
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    Rudi O Guest


    Do not stay at Sendelingsdrift, the miners with their boom boxes will drive you crazy. We were there in MArch 09 and Potjiespram and De Hoop is the places to stay,,about two days each.


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    IMO it's worth travelling across the border to at least go and see the Fish River Canyon whilst you're in the area. Two weeks is maybe a bit long in the Richtersveld. A week is more than enough time to see all the sights in the park. I would suggest you sleep at Potjiespram on entry for 2 days and then move to De Hoop or Richtersberg which is more centrally positioned. From here you can reach all the sights in the park and return to camp within a day.
    Read up under the Northern Cape Section on the forum. There's lots of info on the Richterveld and surrounds. Consider the Namaqua Eco route, we visited the Richtersveld and did the Eco Route this year June/July.
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    We have just done Augrabies, Fish River Canyon and Richtersveld with the Four by Four Club. We stayed for 4 days at Richtersberg next to the river and could have stayed longer for say a week. 2 weeks will be too long. I would fit in somewhere else the 2nd week - west coast maybe? The best camps De Hoop and Richtersberg are very basic so go well prepared. Power also becomes a problem after a few days. Even with a dual 110 amp deep cycle batteries in the Rhino Trailer we ran out of power the 4 day.
    I have now purchased one of the new quiet generators for additional power when required. Campers next to us used their diesel vehicles to charge their batteries and it was interesting to note how noisy a diesel vehicle is when just idling. No doubt the new generation gens are quieter.
    Otherwise it is a great trip. Enjoy!
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    We went to the Richtersveld in July this year. We started off from JHB and off the tar at Pofadder towards Pella and completed the first section of the Namakwa 4x4 route (R150 per vehicle for however long you want) over 3 days (groot melhoutboom and Kamgab) finished the route at Vioolsdrift and camped at aquacade, great place. About 328 km.

    Then via Eksteensfontein, Kuboes, Sendelingsdrift and stayed in Potjiespram (the last spot C) for 3 nights. If you have a few cars can setup a nice camp there next to the river. We travelled the whole park, long drives but great place. De hoop is more central and ncie cmap site on the river but get there early as it takes about 3-4 hours from Sendelings gate to de hoop.

    From there to Alexander bay and to Port Nolloth (Mcdougals bay, house on the beach) and stayed in a house after a 9 days of camping was great to finish off the trip.
    I have a nice spreadsheet with all the stops, kilometers etc. if you want have a look. 2 weeks can do a very nice trip inside the border. We are going back there in March 2010.
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    Kokerboomskloof should also be on your list of campsites to visit (2 nights).
    Only 4 campsites(very peaceful) and the scenery is breathtaking!
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    I often travel to the park as we live 100km from the entrance! My preference would be two Campsites -

    De Hoop (5 days) would allow you to relax in a big way - my favourite camping site anywhere. Take along a tube for the rapids (may be cold though) and a fishing rod. You could always do a day trip to Richtersberg etc.
    Kokerboom kloof - (2 days) - great scenery.

    Namibia - well worth crossing the pont and taking the gravel road up along the Orange, through the Gamkab canyon via Ai_ais (not worth staying at but worth a look) and then camp at Hobas (to see the Canyon) or Nanyon Roadhouse (better campsite). Then spend a day or two at Klein Aus Vista before heading back.

    Finish off at McDougals bay.

    Photo - DeHoop last weekend - do I need to say more?

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    We have done the Namakwa root via Pella to Vioolsdrift in December 2008 and then from Vioolsdrift into Namibia. This year we want to do Richtersveld and West Coast, most of the places you mentioned. It would be great to see your spreadsheet with distances. Abrie

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    Potjiespram is not worth more than a day.
    Start there then to De Hoop for 3 days then to Richtersberg for 3 days.
    Do your outings from camp, then follow the detour home along the west coast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4 wannabie View Post
    Kokerboomskloof should also be on your list of campsites to visit (2 nights).
    Only 4 campsites(very peaceful) and the scenery is breathtaking!
    Yip !
    The facilities there are not being maintained at all, so if you are self-sufficient and can camp anywhere you fancy, then Kokerboomkloof certainly is worth it.

    Those rock formations and views and the atmosphere of the site make it worth the drive there - and stay for at least one night.
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