4x4 Club in PE???

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    Question 4x4 Club in PE???

    Hi there, I've just moved to PE from JHB and was wondering if there were any 4x4 clubs or events down here

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    Welcome to PE!

    You can check out
    Four Wheel Drive Club SA - PE Branch - http://www.fwdcsape.co.za/
    Algoa Toyota 4x4 Club - http://www.algoatoyota4x4club.co.za/ (although not much 4x4ing is happening there)

    You can also check out EC Offroad Adventures' website - http://www.ec-offroad.co.za/. We have an event at least once a month that ranges from 4x4 trails, various competitions and events and we'll be having our first 4x4 Information G2G in November!
    Chris Meistre

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