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    Please give advice. I was staring down a Nissan 1400 LDV carburettor over the weekend. I friend has this 20 year old 1400 for fishing, doesn't even remove his fishing rods or worms between trips. It is terribly down on power and up in fuel consumption. He has had it serviced, which included new plugs, points, condenser and filters (air, oil and fuel). Unfortunately it didn't make much of a difference.

    He asked my advice (indication of how desperate he must be). I dug out the old timing light (haven't used it in two decades), hoping for a quick fix. No problem there and the engine sounds lovely.

    After staring down the carb, my poorly judged opinion is that the second stage doesn't "kick-in".

    PLEASE: any advice on how to confirm that my diagnosis is valid and advice on how to help my mate solve his problem will be hugely appreciated.


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    low on power and high on fuel consumption is usually jets or vacuum leaks.

    I suspect he hasn't fiddled so trace the old rubber pipes and check for vacuum leaks.

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    vacuum advance working?
    Second stage isn't here an diagram thats activates the kick down ,maybe buggered.
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