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    Default Trucking fuel consumption?

    I will be trucking two horses to SA champs in KZN next month with my new(2005) Ranger 2.5, my question is this what can I expect Km/L? I have done Northern Farm & KEP and to Karkloof & Shongweni in the old 280KB Isuzu and on average got 6-7KM/L. Why I ask in this forum is that the towing in Simons poll is different to towing a loaded horsebox. Cristo you have towed a bit I see what do you get? Anybody?......Ive posted this thread on the Ford/Mazda side-look there thanks.
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    I would guess about 9-10km/l.

    I tow a Venter Royal with a Pajero 3.2 Did Auto but my box is modified bigger and both my competitive horses (jumping are 17.2 h and 17.3 h. Eventers are 16.2 and 16.3h and much leaner).

    Fuel consumption is as follows:
    around town - my wife works in Sandton and sits in the traffic, so 12-12.5 l/100km
    open road - me 8-9 l/100km at 120 upwards (best was Drakensberg 974 km 79l)
    towing - local do not know, but open road up to 13 l/100km with the biggies.

    I guess you would do the same.

    Some tricks:
    horsebox tyres 3.5 bar.
    car front 2.5, 3 bar in the back.
    make sure the rig is level with the horses loaded.
    Forget about the 150 kg max on the ball - mine is way over that.

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