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    i was with outsurance and always got good service. the claims, however small, i made were dealt with speedily and efficiently, e.g. call into submit claim to have windscreens on both vehicles replaced - no problem immediately got claim number and within the hour glasfit was on my case to arrange for the windscreens to be fitted - excess on each vehicle only R500.

    reason i moved - they increased my premium drastically

    where did i move - tuffstuff. why - better premium, extra premium for not having to pay excess on vehicles, additional things, and then the experience members i spoke had and have with tuffstuff.

    who else did i consider - discovery who also gave very good quote on premium and excess as well as fuel rebates; however its easier not to have "big brother" watching over you all the time

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    I also considered moving over to TuffStuff as it was considaribly cheaper than Outsurance, who was already cheap at that stage. Then, just as a precaution I went to look at Ream Insurance Brokers, TuffStuff's underwriter, profile on Hello Peter........ I think I'll rather stay with Outsurance who settled the theft of my Hilux in 5 days, not 6 weeks as is the norm!

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    One thing I like more than cheap premiums is good service. I would rather pay a little more and have the piece of mind that if something goes wrong fighting with insurance is not added to the list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by offroad junky View Post
    Well, I just bought me a 'new' 2006 Disco 3 and even before I got home on the day I signed the deal, and the day before I was supposed to collect, Outsurance called me.....
    Spent almost 12 minutes on the phone with them trying to sell it to me. I told him straight up that I'm also considering other quotes.

    Their initial quote was R1100 for a 2006 Disco 3 TDV6 S with a market value of R236 200.

    ABSA = R633-00
    Tuscon = R730-00
    Tuff Stuff = R798-00

    Then Outsurance phoned me back telling me that 'they' have given me a discount and the new quote is R945-00..... I laughed in his ears telling him he's way out the ball park. I told him the other quotes and he just said thanks and hung up the phone....!

    Outsurance is a joke....! Needless to say I'm still sticking out with ABSA.
    Just something to keep a note of regarding ABSA. I called the iDirect from ABSA to get a quote. They do not cover your vehicle in the event of it occuring damage while doing a 4x4 route of any kind. I was told by the consultant that they only offer road cover.
    I'd check and just confirm if you not going to be using that D3 for offroad use at all.
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