How crazy am I to take a 2 wheel sedan ?

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    Default How crazy am I to take a 2 wheel sedan ?

    I am planning to drive from Vic Falls to Lake Malawi in my Opel Astra 1.6 late August/Early September

    Can any-one tell me "how bad" the roads are - I am happy to take it slow and easy ?


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    Why is it two wheel sedan? Somebody stole the right hand ones, now your car is not quite level?

    Have never been so far north. We drove a round trip in our Land Rover of Bots, into Zambia for the falls. We could have done 90% of the trip in a Camry. Had a friend that drove the whole length of Moz in a 198something VW Golf. How? Stuck to main routes, stopped and asked the people wich road is best etc.

    The question is just "What if?" That question will drive people mad, buying lots of equipment they will never need, but what if? The what if question is for that 10% of the trip that you are in a vehicle that cant handle it.

    I cant see how a cautious driver can not make it. Sticking to main routes in the dry season should be OK. Maby somebody that have been there can comment?

    Most of the locals up there have nothing but sedan, they do OK
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