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    Default Xai-Xai

    I am going to Xai-Xai end of October. Will be my first time north of Macaneta.
    Few questions.

    Road past Moamba and Maguda. Condition? Going with one 4x4.

    Things to do / Places to see in 100km from Xai-Xai. GPS pionts?

    Any other info or warnings please


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    I have never taken the Moamba Road, but going to Xai-Xai via Maputo can be done in any vehicle. The Potholes in Maputo center are worse than on the rest of the highway towards XAi-Xai the roads get bad after Xai_xai. Must see Lighthouse at Zunguene and the Limpopo River mouth, beautiful,(25* 11' 19,69" S :33* 30' 04.99" E). Don't swim in the river, breeding place for Zambezi sharks.) also very nice upmarket restaurant in the area,(25* 11' 46" S : 33* 30' 36" E) expensive but nice. locals very friendly. Be sure to be on the Maputo side of the Limpopo when heading to these places from X-X as I am not sure if there is a river crossing after the one at X-X.
    100 km South (towards Maputo) of Xai-Xai turn left at Macia heading for Praia do Bilene. Beautiful lagoon, ask around for Joao (Johnny's Place). he has very reasonable accommodation and also does fishing trips in the Indian Ocean. He will also be able to advise on other sites.

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    We want to go to Aix-Aix in mid November this year - the route via Swaziland looks for us "tourists" quite interesting on the map - any recommendations for:
    • a B&B / Lodge in Swaziland, close to the Mozambique border crossing ?
    • an envisioning route through Swaziland ?
    • any "no-no's" in Swaziland / Mozambique ?
    Any advice is appreciated


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    Default Where to go

    You will enjoy the two, I did it last year.

    Travel past Maputo south to Ponta do Ouro. You will see signs indicating Swaziland. This will lead you to the Mhlumeni/Goba border post in the mountains.

    From there it is 25 kilometres to Siteki. Stay there at Mabuda Lodge - it overlooks the valley. Not far from Siteki is the maroela process plant, very enlightning. Travel via the back roads to Pig's Peak. From Pig's Peak there is an incredible pass to Mbabane 2km up in 8km.

    In Mbabane go the market & candle factory when exiting go throughNgwenya/Oshoek so that you can visit the Ngwenya glass factory. Leaving you are on the N17.

    In Swaziland the Police will pull you over, but to chat & ensure that you are happy & well looked after -they are professional.

    In both do not speed, stay clear of cattle for you will pay when you hit.

    Various people have various experiences but I love both & in a way understand both security cultures.

    Go & enjoy the two countries.
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    Thanks - the map is a great help.

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