New engine for 1991/2 Hilux SFA

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    Default New engine for 1991/2 Hilux SFA

    Hi everybody,

    I want to replace the engine in my 1991/2 SFA Hilux. It currently has a standard 4Y engine. The vehicle is used for everyday road driving (it's my only vehicle) and for off-road 4x4 including competitions.

    It has a suspension lift and body lift and therefore has the aerodynamics of a brick!
    Add to this the change in gearing brought about by the 33 inch tyres and you have a vehicle with a top speed of 120kph and which slows down if it even SEES a hill!
    I'm always crouched over the wheel, begging it to go faster!

    So, I'm considering a Lexus V8, though it's big, complicated & expensive.
    With a Lexus, do I go for the automatic transmission or keep the Hilux manual box? What are the pros and cons?

    Alternatively a turbo diesel would give me more grunt but I'd rather have more CCs than a turbo.

    What can you suggest that's reliable and will give me lots more grunt off-road and more on-road happiness. It doesn't have to go much faster than 140kph max.

    Will the Toyota 4.5 EFI fit, or some sort of 4 litre diesel?

    I'd be very grateful for help in this area. Thanks!

    (and special thanks for the advice to Eric & Blom from the Hilux site. Blom would fit a V8 to his wife so I know where he stands!)

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    Instead of a rather expensive conversion, consider to EFI the 4y. There is a couple of guys on the forum that has done this successfully.

    Kind Regards,

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    I had the same problem, and simmilar, turning those 33' takes power.
    I currently have a 2.8D turbo and can manage 120 loaded and the torque keeps the speed through the hills.( or just not, I am a more relaxed driver)
    At least it will not feel like you braking against the hills.

    Above 120km/h I get scarred as I am far from the ground and the handleing on this old frame force me to drive slower.

    Road noise is a problem in this Hi-lux. A little tirring shouting for each other for a few hours. A big amp needed so you can at least hear some music.

    There is a gear ratio problem going from petrol to diesel. The diesel will ref to high. My town driving fuel consumtion is very good and my open road is terrible due to this factor. If you change the gear in the diff this can be sorted.

    Not sure if the 4 liters can fit into that front bay. I know the KZTE will fit.
    But it looks like yo want to go bigger.?
    I would say diesel or petrol is personal. Once you drive a turbo diesel fully loaded against a steep uphill. You will never look back.

    Hope this helps


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    The Efi is quite good option to go for( Budget for about R12 000 installed). My previous Hilux was one. Fuel and power was a big improvement.(8.5km/l and 71 horses on the wheels from 4.5km/h and 42 horses on the wheels). That was on 31's.

    33" wheels tend to take a chunk out of power and fuel economy. Recently I got another Hilux but with a 2.4l Turbo diesel(2L2t motor). The cost involved I do not know. Up to today I have had 33" on it and could drive easily 120km up a hill on the highway. I changed it to 31" again, I can feel a bit more response from the motor.

    Recently I was also given the oportunity to drive a 2.7l conversion, I must say it beat all of the above, but the Ecu lacked a bit on the rev range between 3000 & 4000rpm, I guess there one can opt for a better Ecu to make it better.

    And yes!The Lexus is a nice conversion, but was too powerfull for me, I think I am getting old. Price is a hurdle if you do it properly.


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