Toyota Hilux D4D 3.0L D/C 4x2- Handeling Problem

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    Default Toyota Hilux D4D 3.0L D/C 4x2- Handeling Problem

    I own a 2007 Hilux, this is the “old” version of the “new” shape Hilux with 35000km on the clock. This vehicle came out standard with 15inch dueller tyres and 15inch Toyota mags. My problem that I am having seems to be a strange one. I seemed to be feeling the tail of the vehicle swing/drifts out at when the turning angle is sharper around corners (If I drive the car around the corner in 1st gear at about 2000rpm, I feel the problem the most). Quite difficult to explain, but if I may say- you need to drive in such a manner that it feels like you almost need to counter steer the vehicle to get it’s behind/tail back behind its front end after completing a turn. It somehow feels nearly like I’m loosing traction on the back end? The tyres are not screeching on the road neither are they spinning. The tyres still have a lot of meat i.e. 35000km

    I have now taken the vehicle to three reputable Toyota dealerships in the Gauteng area and all three dealerships have test drove the car and all three service manger have experienced no handling problems or nothing similar to what I am feeling. The first dealership I took the vehicle to basically done a full check on the following:

    · Replaced the steering rack under warranty (apparently they had a similar complaint in the past and replacing the rack solved the problem, this is why they replaced it)
    · Check all wheel bearings and CV joints
    · Check the diff
    · Check the axel for looseness
    · Checked all shocks
    · Wheel alignment and balancing

    All the above passed the checks. I have seen allot of posts regarding the general handling of these vehicles and everyone seem to talk about a common topic of the tyres and shocks on these vehicles not been up to scratch. My big question, did Toyota know there are a problem with the 15” because the facelift now comes std with the Fortuners 16”mags and tyres? I am at last resort now and if these dueller’s are as bad as they say.

    Does anyone know what the maximum size tyres I could fit on these 15’s

    Some advice would be appreciated

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    I think we have a similar vehicle, i have not experienced this type of behaviour from my vehicle, other than on gravel roads if i give it some gas around the corner, this i do on purpose for fun.

    I do not have much advise on it's handling, however i think you can safely fit 31"10.5"15 tyres. I find the AT Duelers working very well for me. They fit nicely into the wheel arches and do not touch anywhere.
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    Thanks for your info, However, I am even more confused as I was hoping this would be a tyre problem after taking the vehicle to three dealerships with no luck? All three dealerships have told me there is nothing mechanically wrong?

    The last dealership did pass a negative type comment about the 15" mags and tyres.

    Something to the effect of .........., ask yourself why the new facelift Hilux comes fitted std with 16" mags and tyres?

    New facelift tyre and wheel spec:

    Alloy Mag
    Wheel Size: 7JJ x 16
    Tyre Size: 265/70 R16 7JJ

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