Giriyondo to Paindane via Xai Xai - Sept 2009

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    Default Giriyondo to Paindane via Xai Xai - Sept 2009

    We have planned our first trip to Moz during Sept 2009. Will be staying over at Massingir gate, Sunset Beach Resort(Chidenguele), Light House Reef (Paindane) on our way in, and Paraiso de Chidenguele (Chidenguele ) on our way back to ZA. As this is our first time in Moz and we will be travelling alone, I would appreciate any information from anyone who travelled this route - or sections thereoff - recently. Any information pertaining to the following will be welcome :

    1. Conditions of roads on this route, travelling times etc.

    2. Safety and corruption - We've seen numerous posts with regards to corrupt officials and robbery of people at certain resorts etc. Is this really such a problem that one has to lose sleep over it, or is it manageable ? If have no intention of donating my hard earned cash to some greedy spietkop somewhere and neither do I want put my families lifes in danger.

    3. Availability of food. I see that hefty taxes are levied in certain instances, so we would like to buy most of the basic items in Moz with the added advantage of not having to travel with to much weight. Can anyone please advise with regards to prices compared to ZA, availability - especially fresh fruit and veggies. I'm not talking Woollies Foodcourt - just basic items like onions, potatoes, the odd tomoto etc. Essential items we will take from ZA for eg. red meat, milk, spices etc. Same applies to drinks : alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic.

    4. Any information on the accomodation - the only info we have is that which we got from the internet.

    5.Due to the fact that packing space in the vehicle ( Fortuner 3 D4D 2X4 ) is not that much I will have to tow a trailor (standard 6ft Venter ). The aim of this exercise is just to put all the bulky items in the trialor - camping chairs, beach umbrellas etc. Will one of these Ventertjies be able to take the hammering on Moz roads.

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    We travelled that route in April:

    The road from Massingir to Chokwe is very badly potholed, so it makes for slow going.
    We also travelled from Aquia Pesquira to Sunset Beach, took us about 7 hours. There were guys with bike and boat trailers at Sunset beach resort so I imagine your Venter trailer should be OK.
    Stick to the speed limits at all times, as frustrating as it can be. We never had a single incident with any authorities.
    The border crossing at Giriyondo was a breeze, as far as I am aware you are allowed 200 dollars worth of supplies. We had no problems.
    Our biggest headache while in Moz. we thought we could stock up on supplies on a Sunday. Everything is closed on Sundays.
    The road North of Xai Xai, is only really bad for about 10 km's. So take it easy and you'll be OK.
    Everything is more expensive in Moz., but if you are prepared to brave the local markets you can get supplies at a reasonable price.
    Beer is expensive but lekka. Laurentina my personal favourite, if you lived closer I would ask you to get me a case.
    Sunset Beach is an amazing camp site, sure you will enjoy your stay there.
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