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    Default Pathfinder diesel auto

    How would you guys regard this vehicle off-road? I don't mean the heavy rally stuff, but like we are used to in the Middle-Letaba?

    Honest comments will be highly appreciated

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    For obvious reasons my feedback will be biased as I am an owner of the PF auto diesel.
    I think the car is overpriced as compared to other cars in the same league. Stock standard it makes a perfect car to travel back roads, tarred roads and medium 4X4 tracks, including sand. If you want to take it off road with the occasional sand dunes and rock climbing, some changes have go be made.
    I made a few changes to my PF due to a few red-faced experiences. The first mod was to install rear airbags as the ground clearance is just not sufficient when the car is loaded. I use the airbags to regain some of the lost clearance especially when doing rock-climbing.
    The second mod was a skid plate after seeing a PF seriously damaging the tupperware in the radiator and aircon area, at Atlantis dunes.
    It also took some getting used to the traction control system. In fact I still learn every time I take her out into the bundus(?).
    Apart from this, my PF has taken us to places we never dreamed of reaching. We travelled through the Messum crater in Nam, fishing trips in Nam, Baviaanspoort and many back roads in the Western Cape. I do not do serious 4X4 routes except if it is to get to a camping destination that cannot be reached with any other route.
    Internally the PF have all the bells and whistles required for a very comfortable and enjoyable ride.
    Hope this gives you some insight into my experience with a PF. Here are some photos.

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    2006 Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 CDI A. Skid plate, rear airbags, Hannibal roofrack.
    GX300 radio. 276C. Waeco 500W inverter.
    AND a 2005 R1200GS

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    Thanks Louis.

    This helps a lot. I like a challenge and a good obstacle when it comes my way. I think I'll keep searching.

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    Thumbs up Pathfinder

    I've got a V6 Pathfinder, so I can't really comment on the diesel side of things. However, the Pathfinder itself I can, so here goes:
    1. The standard suspension is too soft if you are going to go on long trips where it is fully loaded. It bottoms out very easily, and your diff and the likes can catch on the middelmannetjie (only when it's loaded though). Airbags and possibly Old Man Emu's or something similar is a must. I put both in, made a HUGE difference. Hokleeu comes from "hanggat soos 'n hokleeu", which is self-explanatory.
    2. The traction control does take some getting used to, but if you are not going to go rock-climbing or something, it will be good enough.
    3. All the mod-cons, and safety too. A gazillion airbags, and they tend to stay on their wheels too, which is always nice.... (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
    4. Seven seater, with the rear seats folding flat into the floor. With the rear bench folded down, this gives you acres of space and it's totally flat too. Very easy to load.
    5. Pricing wise they are too expensive new, but you could pick some up for a steal.
    6. Almost forgot, a bash plate to protect your radiator is a MUST - I spent 800km being towed behind various vehicles in December because I bashed my radiator in the kalahari. They are VERY vulnerable!

    In short, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one, even if I had the choice to do it again, especially if the price is right. All the extras we are talking about are not that expensive and they make a great package.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks to you too, Hokleeu

    I could pick one up at R233k. A 2006 model with 77k km. Very good condition.

    Since I got hold of a Isuzu KB300 D-tec Ext Cab, 2007 model with 18k on the clock. Complete with ARB bumper and Warn winch & Warn Spots. I saw it at 08h30 on the internet, by 11h30 I was at the dealer in Vereeniging and by 18h00 home with my new pride and joy.

    Always wanted a Suzi for the ample legroom as I am a bit more normal than the normal guy, in height that is not width. My other Suzi is a 4x2 260KB 1997 D/C with 433k now and still the most reliable in my work fleet!

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    eish, geluk met die nuwe Van, hoop dit gee jou goeie myle, maar wonder hoe de hel het jy by 'n Isuzu uitgekom as jy by 'n Pathy begin soek het...

    Maar weereens geluk, altyd lekker om 'n nuwe Van in die garage te he

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    Geluk met jou nuwe Bakkie!! Plaas asb fotos van jou nuwe vuurwa! Ek en my Pa is albei mal oor Isuzu's! die lekkerste blerrie bakkies in die land!!

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    Ian Cooper has one as well and decided that it is to soft. That is why he bought a Nissan Patrol 4200 intercooler and fitted an Alucab.

    Every time we came from a trip, that Path Finder has collateral damage.

    Now with the Patrol, there never is any damage.

    Personally I think that the PF is just to soft for "river trip" type of playing.
    LC 78 Troopie 1HD-FTE
    +27 zero eight 2 four 95 9252

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