Recommended route from JHB to Martins Drift

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    Default Recommended route from JHB to Martins Drift

    Hi 4x4 Community

    We will be leaving for Botswana on Friday (17th July) and wondered if anybody had who had recently travelled the route between Jhb and Martins Drift could help us.

    We have heard varying reports on the road conditions and amount of pedestrians and animals on the road.

    So which do you suggest we choose:
    Is it best to go via Potgietersrus on the N11 or
    alternatively via Ellisras on the R33 or R511/R510.

    Thanks in advance

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    R33 and R510 is more scenic, but road surface is uneven in parts (being repaired gradually). N1/N11 is longer so the difference in time is negligable. I always go R33

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