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Thread: Roast Potatoes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike N View Post
    No! A roast potato should never be deep fried! Just a bit of oil over them, very little in the oven pan, just enough to prevent them sticking. And the best results is with ... Duck Fat (I get it at my local Woolies)
    I used the temp deep fry very loosely there. More shallow +- 1CM in a pan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LandyLove View Post
    Do you guys skin the potatoes? I love baking them with the skin on.
    Always peel potatoes. It gives more exposure to starch - which is what crisps up.

    Don't discard the skins. When you're done with the potatoes, fry them until crispy and serve with salt as a homemade potato chip. It's fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johanhpr View Post
    That is a good point and also a question. Which potatoes work best?
    Some notes on potato varieties. There are many more than these.

    Potato varieties

    Note: we do not have any GMO potatoes in South Africa

    WAXY - Waxy potatoes have a high moisture content and a low starch content. During boiling, they stay firm and keep their shape, which makes them ideal for any dish where you don’t want the potato to break up, such as a potato salad. They are not suitable for cooking in a microwave and not suitable for mashing. They can be used for chips but will make a “slap” chip and not a crisp chip.

    FLOURY - This variety has a low moisture content and a high starch content. They do not retain their shape when boiled and are excellent for making mash. They also make the best chips and roast potatoes, which are crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside.

    WAXY / FLOURY - These potatoes are somewhat moist with a slightly floury texture. They retain their shape during cooking and can be used for all cooking methods. These are the variety most commonly available in supermarkets.
    Storage: in dark, dry and cool place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedgehog View Post
    Probably my biggest weakness, is roast potatoes. I cannot, not have one or more if they are available to eat.


    A bad roasty is probably the most disgusting thing that could be on a person's plate, especially if you have high hopes for them.

    I choose a good potato, and then boil them in quarters or halves depending on the potato size.
    I boil them until they can powder up on the edges a bit.

    Then put them while still warm, into cold oil in an oven pan (less than 1cm deep) and sprinkle Aromat over them (liberally)
    Then into the oven at 200deg until they get crispy edges turning them often during cooking (About 45 to 60 minutes)

    Looks like this is going to be part of my today's lunch

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