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Not sure if anyone has experienced this problem. My gearbox is leaking and apparently all seals and gearbox sump need to be replaced. This is coming to R25k.

I have the Titanium AA warranty and it won't cover this repair as it is seals and not a component failure. Painful but true. See the seals comment on attached.

Has anyone else had this issue ?
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Good morning,

Could you provide more info please?

Where is the leak originating from? Have you de-greased the area and attempted to check after a good drive?

I would suggest start there, most likely its only the sump gasket, but that also does not make sense as these gearboxes are "lifetime" and would not be opened by the dealer unless leaking.
I suspect that someone that is not the dealer attempted an oil change (gearbox) on the Jeep and either reused the old gasket or did not tighten the bolts correctly. (Ysters lieg nie )

I would do this myself if I were you...

Transmission oil pan
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And the VICTOR REINZ 711917000 at rock auto dot com $12

Hope this helps!