First off, I just want to send a big thank you for all the fantastic advice and insights you've shared with me in the past! Your collective wisdom has seriously shaped some epic adventures for me.

Even though I'm living the Norway life now, I'm gearing up for another trip, and I'm stoked to dive back into it. I've been to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) and Mabuasehube a couple of times (both twice, to be exact), and in Namibia I've had some trips up and down the Skeleton Coast, to Palmwag, as well as to the northeast around Tsumkwe (including Khaudum and an on-foot trek in the Nye Nye Conservancy).

I'm looking at hitting the road for about two weeks to a month (or thereabouts), and I'm all about seeking solitude and those off-the-beaten-track experiences. I'm especially keen on spots that offer remote camping, similar to the campsites in the CKGR and Kgalagadi. These may be both in parks and reserves, but also outside of them, like the various campsites in Damaraland and Kunene.

Apart from these two, I've got my eye on checking out national parks and reserves in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. But I'm not sure if they've got campsites as remote and solitary as what I've found in CKGR and Kgalagadi/Mabuasehube. If you know any, please let me know.

I drove up to Samburu once on a trip to Kenya. It was kind of on a whim – a “slight” detour from trekking Point Lenana on Mount Kenya – I found it really fascinating and, for me at least, a much more rewarding experience than the traffic jams near the Mara River (I had a couple of my most epic wildlife encounters in Samburu; witnessing a Cheetah kill a Grant's calf up close - 50 meters in front of my Hilux - with me being the ONLY witness, as well as a close encounter with a striped hyena and a Leopard with sub-adult cub killing a hare right in front of the car!). That being said, the Masai Mara is amazing, this was just different. I stayed at the public campsite near the Riverside Camp. Really beautiful, and two of the nights I was there by myself (aside from being bullied by some baboons one of the nights). This time around I am looking for something more remote and not as close to modern amenities, as the campsite is in immediate proximity to the lodge. One just can’t beat that Kalahari-feeling when it comes to camping.

Here's what I'm hoping you can help me with:

  • Any routes or itineraries that'll give me the most authentic and immersive wilderness vibes, taking into account my Namibia, CKGR and Mabuasehube experience. And that being said, I am not at all against going back if these are the places that best offer this kind of experience, but if there are other places where this is possibl, I’m all ears.
  • Insights into whether parks and reserves in Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique offer campsites similar to CKGR and Kgalagadi/Mabuasehube, where being alone with nature is the name of the game.
  • Any tips on permits, regulations besides the usual I need to be aware of?

Plus, I've got a little question about Namibia – I once heard that just randomly picking any D- or F-road on the map guarantees an epic experience. Any truth to that?

And of course, I'm all about hearing your own stories and adventures from these regions. They're sure to offer some serious inspiration!

Huge thanks in advance for any tips, suggestions, or stories you can share!