So I've been doing some dreaming and basically in the future we are going to have to decide on a new diesel vehicle and it has to be a very capable but more importantly reliable vehicle and it's down to the mahindra karoo fancy edition and a land cruiser, i saw a 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 4.2d for R350k.
So my question is what are parts like on land cruisers and running costs, i mean it's a real rich man's car to buy, but is it also expensive to maintain and repair or does it even out to the level of the average hilux or mahindra?
I'm guessing at R350k there is probably something wrong that i might fix, now i can stretch another R50k maybe even R100k to repair it but then my fuel consumption question comes in. This will primarily be swambo's daily driver and the main family car as i have bikes and a old terios i love to bits, and we both drive like grannies so take tgat into account on the fuel consumption. She will do about 1000-2000 km's a month, now I've done some light number crunching and there is basically a R3k per month price difference between a older land cruiser (excluding any repairs) and a good 2nd hand mahindra with some 30k km warranty left.
My heart says land cruiser but the fuel consumption and parts bother me, i don't care about comfort, nor does my wife, and we usually just cruise on long trips at 100kmph no radio no aircon just each other's company.

PS, the theme here is "bugout vehicle" 😉