Hi There Fellow Campers

I'm new and reside in Westrand GP, created my account maybe over a decade ago and have largely use this group when researching camping spots. I have a Santa Fe 2014 2.2 diesel auto and looking for a 2nd hand camping trailer with RTT, I've been looking at the Jurgens xt140 which I really like but because it requires an EB license I've changed my mind and prefer keeping it under 750 GVT so that I can use my current license (I just dread the process and can't be bothered)
I've always like the looks of the Wilderness 310, aesthetically I just think it's beautiful with the black rims and trim , light weight and easy access doors. We a family of 6 of which 3 are teens so looking at the senior tentco with added room and awning which I think will be big enough. I would like to kit it out with electricity to power a fridge (max 3 days), charge cellphones adhoc, 1 x laptop and lights, everything else will be gas and fire.
Would welcome any suggestion /input
-Any reasons why I should bite the bullet with EB and go for the Xt140 over Wilderness 310
-Prefer Tentco but looks like Howling Moon is slightly less, Tenco looks better quality though.
-Electric - what size invertor is recommended for the above setup, from what I've researched I will need 2 x deep cycle batteries with monitoring system and plug points, anything else (no plans for solar as yet but maybe later down the line)