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    Default BN 154ah Lithium and NL Battery box charging

    I've had the NL Battery box for a couple years now, and always had a 100ah lead acid in it, with its primary use of running my fridge and camping lights when going camping off/on grid.

    As time progressed, I added a Victron 75/15 MPPT to the NL box, and I charged the system via following:
    1. On AC via Victron blue smart 12v/15A (via the NL5 charging connection on the NL box)
    2. While driving 12v socket in the back of my Amarok into the NL box via red BH
    3. Solar while camping through the 75/15.

    Happy days...all worked well until my lead acid started giving up the ghost, and I decided to buy the Blue Nova 154ah 2kw lithium for a bit more capacity 2 months ago.

    Took the old lead acid out, replaced it with the new BN 154ah, changed the setting on my Victron 12v/15A charger to li-ion, and it should all work fine...right? Now I have to say while charging on AC I have always used the NL5 port on the NL battery box that is connected to my Victron 12v/15A charger, and its worked like a bomb, puts in bulk amps when low, and switches over the float when full. Again...happy days.

    What Im finding with the new BN 154ah installed, is that when charging through the NL5 port using the Victron AC charger, it only loads the battery to 13.4v, and then kicks over to float. On the BN website the data sheet indicates it should get to 14.2 and float at 13.9v. Had me stumped until this weekend I stupidly realized I could also charge directly on the the battery terminals, and the Victron AC charger put the battery to 14.1v straight away, and floated at 14v. Now this has me confused as to where the problem lies, as Im almost immediately ruling out the battery, as well as the charger. Could it be the wiring in the NL battery box where there is some kind of voltage drop, but if its a voltage drop, why does the charger stop charging at 13.4v? I've also just come back from a hot Kgalagadi trip where my fridge was almost constantly running at -5 while driving and the loading of the battery via 12v vs the fridge draw was almost identical, which also has me thinking if there is an issue with the box somewhere. With the Victron smart 75/15 I was able to monitor the battery voltage while driving and it never once got over 13.3v, not saying its related but Im out of idea's.

    All comments and suggests are welcome as to where to troubleshoot please......
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