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    Default Re: Safari self drive - rent Mitsubishi ASX or Toyota Prado?

    Quote Originally Posted by Serious? View Post
    Alternatively take the platinum no holds barred insurance and treat us with a nice trip report!
    Actually, since I am looking at smaller rental companies and not international chains, I calculate the price of the car always with excess included. If they do not charge me later, the better.

    To keep the discussion running, do you have any comments regarding the following companies? (I read the Ortelius' topic)

    Cabiz: ASX (2010), Vanguard (2012), Outlander (2015)
    - explicitely stated that the ASX is enough for our itinerary including game drives
    - they seem to have some fake reviews, but not many, I am not sure.

    Hire'n'Drive: Xtrail/Outlander/RAV4
    - Good reviews on tripadvisor and google, seem legit
    - explicitely stated this vehicle is ok for our itinerary including game drives

    Chequered flag: Prado LC120
    - They do not allow their vehicles for game drives, after some discussion allowed with LC and later with Prado
    - Good reviews, no fake reviews, seem very legit

    Umbrella car hire: Xtrail, Prado
    - They have a lot of fake reviews, I am not really considering them: The legit reviews seem mostly positive, though
    - They explicitely stated that Xtrail is ok for our purpose
    - Also have rather well priced Prado on offer
    - This review is particularly funny

    I also contacted other companies, but I am not really considering them anymore:
    Concorde - offered Pajero IO with comments, or Pajero 2010 or so without boudaries; rather expensive given the km range
    Kenya Car Hire - offered only Nissan Double Cab (not sure what it is)
    Market car hire - offerd only Prado, very large excess
    Reliable vehicle rental - Lots of fake reviews, RAV4
    Sunrays - Rav4/Escudo/Xtrail - 2000 USD excess, not doing that. It seemed courious to, that they grade/price Vitara/Escudo same as Xtrail/Rav4, but maybe that makes sense.

    Maybe a score of other did not get back to me.
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