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    Default Wild Coast Roadtrip advice please

    We are planning a road trip from CT to the Wild Coast and would love some local knowledge please. We will be travelling in our Isuzu 4x4 and we aren't camping.
    We thought we would do:
    Somerset West -> Graaf Reinet
    G R -> Port Grovernor (too far?) (2 nights) (leave out?)
    P G -> Umngazi River Bungalows (3 nights)
    URB -> Hole in the wall (2 nights)
    HITW -> Cwebe National Park (1 night)
    Cwebe -> Kob Inn (2 nights)
    Kob Inn -> Cintsa (1 night)
    Cintsa -> Somerset West

    Are there any places we could leave out or spend more time at. Or are there places there places we should definitely go to that we have missed?
    We are keen "back roaders" and help with the roads would be great as well.
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    Default Re: Wild Coast Roadtrip advice please

    I don't know the current state of the really back country dirt roads, but many sections we travelled at low speed. 20-40 km/hr . So if you intend to drive everything on dirt, don't assume to do 80km/hr all the way.

    Get yourself a copy of Slingsby's Wild Coast map if you don't have it. It's excellent.

    If you're driving a solid front axel 4x4 (heavy on fuel), note that fuel stations are far and few between. So plan that out to be safe. For example, when we drove though coffee bay a few years back there was no fuel available. Along the N2 there is obviously a lot of fuel with roads cutting towards the coast every now and then.

    If you're planning for the rain season (summer), travelling on the muddy roads will be a lot slower and more difficult than in winter, for example.

    GR>PG...maybe too long? They've been retarring the N2 from EL to Umtata and rerouting it on the new N2 from Umtata via Port St Johns and up the coast, for several years now. The construction slows travel down considerably. Don't know how far they've come. There's lots of taxis and speed bumps on those roads. Goats roaming the road, etc. So dangerous to drive at "normal" main road speeds, and even more so in the dark. But it can be done...just depends on how you like to travel.

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    Default Re: Wild Coast Roadtrip advice please

    GR> too long -agree

    I drove the N2 from EL to durban a week ago. do it evey few months!
    I drove the psj route from EL to durban a month ago.
    and driving to durban again next week so I know the roads.

    "They've been retarring the N2 from EL to Umtata" - the road works are complete. except for new roadworks for a short section before butterworth, but the detour good, so no time lost. N2 is a good to brilliant road most of the way to umtata. lots and lots of donkeys at the moment.

    "the road the road to psj has a massive washaway for a few meters. single lane for 100 meters or so.. no loss of time.

    EL to Umtata road works. near komga (resurfacing the road, will be finished shortly), roadworks on the kei cuttings (working on the slopes above the road to remove loose rocks and stabilize bank, and before butterworth. a good detour so no loss of time.

    Slingsby's Wild Coast map is a must. the back roads can be rough, very rough.

    Somerset West -> Graaf Reinet
    G R -> Port Grovernor (too far?) (2 nights) (leave out?) AGREE TOO FAR. NICE place BUT, far TOO FAR, GO STRAIGHT TO URB
    P G -> Umngazi River Bungalows (3 nights) URB -> Hole in the wall (2 nights)
    HITW -> Cwebe National Park (1 night) TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH, remember get a slingsby map. the fastest routes are back or almost back to the N2 each time. coastal roads are rough. you need to cut back on your night stops locations,
    Cwebe -> Kob Inn (2 nights)
    Kob Inn -> Cintsa (1 night) - DO ABLE
    Cintsa -> Somerset West - DO ABLE
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