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    Default Re: Hansie's solar challenges en journey.

    I'm not convinced a generator solves my problem of jumpstarting the batteries, because even when I have municipal power when the batteries has gone into safe mode neither solar or municipal power will get a restart going.

    Or am I misunderstanding that you mean run the whole plot on generator until we have municipal power back?

    Yes possible but that will be about R 2000 per day and we are now on day six of no power. With a bit of effort I get the batteries jumpstarted and then we have solar all day but not enough solar to charge the batteries to full by nightfall. Cloudy, winter sun is a problem.

    Apologies for constant posts here.

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    Default Re: Hansie's solar challenges en journey.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mal Hannes View Post
    Ooh I have a generator.

    But when we run generator we do not connect it to the inverter or batteries.

    I don't know how to connect the generator to the Kodak inverter.
    You have your answers, now someone must just tell you how to connect it.

    As a matter of fact ... I also want to know, for my own use one day in "Case of Emergency".
    EDIT: As my inverter is wired into the DB ... so wat nou!?
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