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Thread: F1 - 2024

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaconell View Post
    Jip, he did.

    Was those Parmalat BMW rocketships. Only 1.5 4-cylinder but up to an amazing 1500 hp. Piquet admitted that the turbo lag to boost transition would scare him at times.


    In quali tune those engines had a life expectancy of around 35 kms. After which they were discarded - not even rebuilt.
    What part(s) of the engine failed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4ePajero View Post
    What part(s) of the engine failed?
    I was posting from raw (gin-infused) memory - I owe you an answer because I do not know.

    As Anton said - BMW was buying up old engine blocks and if I recall correct they liked engine blocks that was laying around outside, exposed to the weather for a long time - so they were properly stress relieved.

    Need to go Google for your answer.

    Why would I know this? As a boy in 1981 (13 years old),I was a BMW fanatic (and still am). I would buy expensive overseas motoring magazines from CNA using all my pocket money. I started harvesting postal adresses for Alpina, Schnitzer & BMW themselves. I labouriously typed letters to all of them declaring my devotion, making suggestions (I believe I am a founding father of the M Division&#128513 and asking for brochures.& posters.

    At one stage a bigwig at BMW replied with a proper letter, signed and a box full of brochures, pictures, posters & stickers. As you can imagine I felt like I had conquered.the world when that box & letter arrived unexpectedly in Vryheid.

    Anyhow - my remarks in previous posts based on memories from a time when I knew everything about BMW that was available to fanatical boy in SA.
    Jaco Nell

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    Bottas is in CPT!
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