Hey guys.

Not sure what's happening.. My house has a very steep uphill at the gate, so pulled into gate, then another car wanted to come out.. Reversed back out the gate, and put it in D to pull off on the uphill and the revs just started climb moving forward slowly.. ( and yes it was in Drive ). Drove it today and drives fine, D & R. What could have happened ..? Driveway is easily 35 +degrees. It's insane. Complex sits against a mountain in PTA. Truck brakes in the complex has failed and ploughed into the house at the bottom.. not once but twice. Looked on the internet and says it could be gearbox oil. It has a new propshaft and rear axel for what it's worth.

But why is it driving fine. Hilux has 360 000 km', same gearbox since day one. Should I have it looked at.. ?


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