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    Post Want to BUY a Defender-90

    I'm interested in purchasing a D90 sometimes next year (2024). I'm NOT looking to buy the new model, way out of my league.
    Wanted to know, is a budget of +-ZAR150,000-00 sufficient to buy one? Which one should I look out for and which one to avoid, if there is such...

    I will be using it on some ad hoc camping in Botswana, and it will be not a day-to-day commute car. Which websites or places can one visit to see what is available? I will be towing a jurgen XT75 trailer but ultimately, I want to acquire a small caravan and use the same car.

    Preferably in Gauteng, North-West or Limpopo... although I will consider other places, just that I'm in Botswana.


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    Default Re: Want to BUY a Defender-90

    By what I have seen on you will battle to find anything below R300 000.
    There are 2 listed below R300k. One at R279 000 and the other at R200 000.
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    Default Re: Want to BUY a Defender-90

    nope, will not be enough - It will cost you around R150 000 to sort out after you bought it

    Prices between R250k and R400k at the moment

    Go for the TDI, or TD5, to keep running costs down and since it wont be daily driver - will tow very slow though.

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    Default Re: Want to BUY a Defender-90

    You are going to get what you pay for.

    If you buy a D90 that hasn't been looked after ,but cheap, you can fix it up.
    If you want one you are referring to , be prepared to pay R250-R350 for a decent Tdi or TD5.
    Know that the typical mileage would be 250-350k km's.

    Nice ones become available from time to time.
    If it has been well maintained and well looked after, the milage is of less concern.
    You might find one that had some recent valuable work done.
    You definitely want one that was taken care of by the previous owner/s.
    Be prepared to spend some money on it.

    My D90 Tdi has 389k km's on, i rebuilt the engine 2years ago.
    Still original gearbox, t/c and diffs, never opened.
    The TD5 has more power and a nicer drive.

    I have towed a lot with my 300Tdi. Take it easy, don't floor it uphill , and it will be fine. It is not fast, make peace.
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