we have a butt cat, +_ 2.5t. we have a T max 9000 winch currently with steel cable, a warn 9000 also steel cable and a spare come up, also steel. they are mounted 1 on a tractor, 1 on a trailerr, and then a spare, as the boat is too big to hand winch so if a failure, we need to be able to make a plan.

I am considering putting dynema on the winches, for safety, as well as ease of use, and the steel is prone to rust so hence the dynema.

What dia/ strength dynema should i get? And what sort of length can i fit on the winch?
I guess with the dynema it is NB to ensure there is no chafe happening over a sharp point on the trailer that could lead to damage to the rope.
what is the set up with the dynema to the hook?