I'm looking for a simple program with which I can restore the colours of some of those yellowed old photos from the '70s and '80s. Remember them!? Photographic paper technology must've really taken a gigantic leap some time in the '90s, because the photos from that era are still fine, but those from the two decades before that look horrible!

I've come across a program called PhotoGlory that allows you a five-day trial period in which you can play around a bit, but you can't save anything, so I'm considering buying it, because it's not too expensive, but I was just wondering if anyone here has been using it, by any chance? I've tried it out on four photos and the results were pretty striking. I have no experience or knowledge about what to move where to achieve the correct colour balance, but this program has an automatic function with which you can already make an old photo look much, much better, even though it may not be exactly accurate. More than sufficient for family snaps, I'd say.

What I do find a bit peeving, however, is that although the program itself is only R384, I think, the warranty is R90-odd extra, so I'm wondering if there's any reason to cough up that much for a warranty. What does it entail, after all?

Would like to hear anyone's opinion on that, and also on the program itself if you've used it. TIA.