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    Default Re: Compact Mirrorless Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by mudgrubber View Post
    Bigger Nikons have the same "problem" in that it is difficult (and expensive) to find a 12V or USB charger that effectively charges their batteries. Google tells me they are available (outside of SA from what I gleaned) but quite a few comments about how good (or not good) some of the options are. At this stage about the only reason to have an inverter or "power station" (my current option) when travelling in areas with no electricity.
    For about 3years we have used a Hahnel Cube battery charger which plugs into 12v. Has worked very well. I see Orms has the later version available. They are available for Nikon, Canon.... batteries- obviously you must order the correct one for your eeds

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    Default Re: Compact Mirrorless Camera

    Correct name may be Hahnel Procube

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    Default Re: Compact Mirrorless Camera

    my wife does use the "Microfour thirds format" with great success [Olympus and Panasonic]
    the 300mm F4 lens [actually 600mm in full frame] is very small and super compact . against my Canon 600mm F4 [no comparison]

    the variety of Panasonic and Olympus lenses are also staggering.

    with 50K you can get quite far with a body and fast high quality glass

    my 2c

    [feel free to contact me for hires samples of the photos]


    Quote Originally Posted by TimTDP View Post
    I am an everyday photographer
    Looking for a compact mirrorless camera for the bush.
    Don't want bulky lenses.

    I don't really do video

    I was in the bush recently with a friend of mine who has a Sony EZ-E10 with a Sony E 70-350mm lens
    I was most impressed

    But before I rush out and buy one, what else should I consider?
    Don't want to spend more than R50k

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Compact Mirrorless Camera

    A good zoom can be more than the camera and kit lens and there are inevitable piecemeal accessories you may want and/or even need get :

    eye cap
    spare battery
    cases & covers
    camera bag
    protective lenses

    etc etc etc…
    list can become endless;
    … needs restraint !

    I bought a Tamron 18 300 zoom
    for my mirrorless Fuji XS20 as a compromise
    as the (far better) Fuji 100 400
    is near double in price.
    Standard supplied Fuji kit lens is 18 55.
    Ive also ordered some adapter rings
    to use, my old but quality, Pentax Tukamor lenses, in strictly crude Manual Mode !
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