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    Default Eskom Power Value

    Good Day All

    I have a small farm but it has no Eskom power, we use mainly solar power and gensets when we need to use equipment that pulls more current.

    My neighbours run lodges and have asked me to join them to have power installed thereby sharing the costs, it is still very expensive though, I am 6km from the supply.

    The cost of the power far exceeds any financial return I would get because of the power, would Eskom power ad a lot of capital value to a property though, this is the only reason I can think of to carry on with the instalation?

    Maybe there is some sort of an industry norm tha determines what power on a farm is worth?
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    Just something else to consider:

    If you have Eskom power installed you will have to pay about R450 per month line rental before you have even used a single Then you still need to add the power consumed on top of that.

    You have already invested in solar power and generators. If there are not serious daily power consumers like say 5 kw electrical pump motors or intensive commercial power activities that need to run longer than *say* 30 minutes daily I would not install Eskom power....my2c.

    Relatives have a commercial farm and the Eskom line/transformer rental for the pumpstations are far higher than the power consumed cost for most months of the year.

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    Depending on what your consumption demands are, you might be better of investing the money you would be spending on the Escom installation to upgrade/improve your current setup. This in itself would add to the value of your property.

    The fact that you are not dependend on Escom is a plus point IMHO.
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    I only have a small house in the suburb, I also rely on solar power and gensets for reliable power supply. IMO, you are better off upgrading your own setup, than going with ESKOM because you will still require your own back up equipment. Without Eskom you can't beheld to ransom by them. You also get to side step their outrageous increase requirements.
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