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    Default Again New Rules in the Ethiopia Overland Vehicle Transfer Troubles end 2022

    Ethiopia has changed the rules for overlanders regarding vehicle transfer again. Now you're basically forced to hire a local company and take a guide with you, all the time. Hilarious. Useless at least.
    Just read the user comments....
    A guy named Ahenasi Kassa Ashu posts on Facebook, he's the president of the Ethiopian Tourist Guide association.
    The most laughable he's a senior travel agent and states he's never heard about a Carnet de Passage, a tool existing since 1954!

    Ethiopia resume to welcome Overlanders.
    Past few month It was difficult to pass overlanders through Ethiopian unless depose too much money at Border customs.
    Throgh continuous approach i was able to meet her Excellency Nacisae Chalae Minister of Tourism Minster, Explain the issue and draw rules to allow overlanders throgh Ethiopia. Her Excellency team spoke with Customs authority and now Ethiopia welcomes overlanders with following requirements.
    1. Need to use legal accredited tour or travel agent as travel partner to facilitate paper work and be responsible to your stay
    2. it is a must to have professional guide whom to escort from you cross in until and finish out of Border.
    3. Need to show bank transfer of payments for the service.
    The Above are over all summarized requirements needed.
    In the mean time overlanders need to have passport, car or other equipments list specification and legal papers to send in advance.
    I and my company will be happy to assist with warm welcome.
    [email protected] for contact.
    kept promisse to get access to overlanders as posted on my previous FB.
    Once again welcome to Ethiopia and
    C U in Ethiopia's Border.

    Ashenafi kassa
    President of Ethiopian Tourist guide professiinal association,
    And senior travel agent.
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    Default Re: Ethiopia Overland Vehicle Transfer Troubles 2022.

    On this forum, Ethiopia is in the North Africa section not the East Africa section.

    This subject has been discussed on this thread

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