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    Hey guys, I am new to the community here in Pretoria and I want to have some work done on my Jeep. Bearing in mind that I am building it up to be a showcar over time.
    I want to change the diff ratios
    I want to repaint it in a matt colour
    Where can i get these done, how much will it cost? etc?
    What do I need to take into account?
    I have a 4 spd automatic box in with the original 4.0 straight six, how can I get more power?
    its very sluggish


    PS what does the overdrive button do?
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    Hi Jeep Style

    I would also like some of the answers to your questions, I have something similar inmind could any one out there please help us out.

    When driving normal then overdrive needs to be "on" which is more fuel efficient by allowing you to switch into a higher gear. but swithcing it off is a good thing if you are towing a trailer or maybe going up a hill or bridge. It keeps you from burning up your transmission.

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    The overdrive button, when you push it the Overdrive (Slight Gear reduction while cruising) doesn't come on. Leave it alone for normal driving.

    What diff ratios do you currently have and what size tyres are you wanting to run? Then we can work out what gears you should change to....oh and also whether you have the 4speed or 3speed auto.

    On the painting it....Thats a Little drastic, have you thought about a Vinyl Wrap? Its a cheaper than painting and can be removed if one day you need to sell the car or turn it back to stock.

    There are some Audi Cabrio promotion cars running around joburg that have been wrapped Flat Black and they look very good. You have to open the hood or a door to see sills to see that its been wrapped.

    More power from thr 4.0L....Not easy. Apparently it doesnt respond well to small mods, the only way is to do a stroker conversion (Longer stroke, going up to 4.2 or higher displacement) but that will eat your fuel consumption.
    Supercharger could be nice but I hear getting the Mapping right is difficult.
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