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    Default Our new T6 2.0 VVT

    I’ve had a GWM Steed DC VGT bought from new in 2013. It’s been very reliable up until the 300000km mark when it needed new injectors.

    Now on 360000km I think it needs the diesel pump and starter motor to be reconditioned as it’s really battling to start.

    It served us extremely well and I have nothing but good things to say about it - It shut up a lot of Ford Ranger / Hilux drivers in our office

    We decided it’s time to just get a new DC bakkie, but I wanted a petrol engined one this time.

    We did not want to spend a fortune and capped our cost at around R300k

    After looking around at the usual brands and testing Steed 2.2 we popped around to JAC and the misses and I were blown away by the T6 2.0 VVT.

    It was just over our spending cap but well worth the little extra compared to everything else we have seen.

    Modern petrol engine with decent power and really well finished off for the price. It’s quite a bit larger than the Steed, more rear seating space and a larger load box.

    Will post from time to time as there seems to very little info around concerning this vehicle.

    We took delivery and look forward to many adventures with it, I also like having a car that does not blend into the crowd… my other car is a two cylinder 4x4

    The Steed has given it big shoes to fill!
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    Default Re: Our new T6 2.0 VVT

    I know it has only been a few days, but any updates yet? First impressions versus the Steed? Fuel consumption?
    2008 KB300 D-TEQ 4x2

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    Default Re: Our new T6 2.0 VVT

    Hi ����

    So first impressions on our JAC.

    It has now got 1700km on the clock and here are some initial observations.

    It is definitely a larger vehicle than my Steed 5, both in width, rear legroom and load box.

    The quality is really nice and a step above my Steed 5 which I expect being that it is a 9 year newer vehicle.

    The engine while not a strong as the turbo fed Steed VGT, is surprisingly powerful enough considering that it is only a 2.0 naturally aspirated engine pulling a big D/C bakkie, the gear ratios no doubt have something to do with that.

    On the highway it will stay in 5th 90% of the time at 110 / 120 kph, with a downshift required on long steep hills as expected.

    Fuel consumption is around 10 - 11 l/100km depending on how heavy your foot is and this is on mixed highway and taking the kids to school in the Westrand with its steep hills.
    Consistently 650km from 70 L.

    I’m ok with this and it should get better with a few thousand Km’s under its belt.

    We never load heavy items or tow so this works for us but if you do load and tow, the diesel is the only option with its torque from the turbo.

    Some other strange observations, the gearbox is very notchy especially when cold, the drivers sunshade knocks the rear view mirror when folded down and we haven’t been able to work out how to load maps on the info screen.

    All in all we are very satisfied with the T6 VVT.
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